Web design in London is available in plenty. There are various facts associated with web design of London, which a web development company of London should keep in mind. Many companies provide this service. However, only a very few of them offer quality service. One such web design company who provide quality service at affordable price is Flick Media. This is one company that maintains certain basic facts of web design while designing for a business. Inclusion of these web design aspects increases the effectiveness of the design, which ultimately helps in increasing the sales of the business. If you go to a web design company of London then you should ask about certain aspects from them. Some of these facts are given below:

Fact 1 of Web Design London: Flash Animations Should be Kept to the Least
Flash animations in websites look very good and attractive. In fact, it has become a trend among the website owners to direct their designers to design sites mainly on flash animations. It may look cool and trendy but it might have some serious detrimental effects too. Flash animations will affect you adversely only when you are trying to rank your website in a search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing. Search engines consider flash animations as not too good thing because of two reasons:
i) Flash images make a site heavy and slow down the loading time. Thus, the search engine crawlers have to wait for a long time to crawl it. It is considered as a negative point. In fact, too long loading time can make a crawler leave the site without crawling.
ii) Crawlers cannot read the actions or movements taking place in the flash images. Thus, they cannot read the content of the same.
In fact, flash animations are not considered as search engine optimized. So, it may affect your ranking if you use too much flash animations at your website.

Fact 2 of Web Design London: Optimisation is the Key
If you have a website then you would like to see it up the rank of the search engine. Thus, UK web design should be done in accordance with the search engine optimisation. Loading time plays a very important role in search engine optimisation because it is considered as an important parameter in the same. So, a designer should keep in mind that the file sizes should be at the minimum, so that the loading time of the site optimises.

Fact 3 of Web Design London: Thematic Design Scores
After the Panda update, content is given more emphasis. Thus, the design also needs to speak about the topic to the viewer at the very first view. A design can do this only when it is thematic. Thematic design is based on the theme or topic of the website, which helps people to understand about the subject of the site by going through the design of the site. Hence, web design London should keep in mind that thematic design is the need of the hour.

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Derick Branson is a creative web designer and has more than 20 years of designing experience. He is a web master and has extensive knowledge on web development and internet based marketing. In his designing career, he has worked for many companies and has added value to them. He has now reviewing various web design companies of London. In this article, he has given information on one of the leading - web design london