Websites have become an indispensable part of all the businesses nowadays. With website in so much demand, the technologies behind them keeps on evolving thus giving rise to new trends in the market. Web design trends also keep on evolving at a fast pace. Some of the trends which were noticed some years ago are still influencing the market while new one also arrives in the scene. In this article, we will be discussing about the major web design trends which will make an impact in 2018 and beyond.

If you are a Web Developer then you can go through these trends and try to adapt them in your upcoming web design projects. This article will help you a lot if you are a professional web designer as you can include these trends in your web designing work so that your work remains up to date with the latest market trends.

Artificial Intelligence:
For last few years, we have seen the big trends in Chatbots and voice user interfaces which is collectively known as conversational UIs. These are mostly driven by AI. In future we are going to see a lot more AI related trends in the market as UX design and AI is merging. This interaction will be most noticeable in the field of robotics.
Already more companies want to Hire Web Developerto incorporate some form of AI feature into their website. AI related trends can help in designing robots and AI systems and also impacting the field of web designing. Lots of large enterprises like Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft are investing heavily in AI so that they can keep up with the trend.

Mobile first approach:
In the modern world where mobile penetration has reached very high almost 90% of your customers will access your website through mobiles. These websites have a small screen hence your website design must prioritize the mobile first approach and strategy and then the design should be upgraded to incorporate more features for the larger screens. This is the best way as it helps in reducing the possibilities of errors which may come on smaller screens. It has been seen that the websites which give highest priority to small screens removes the initial problems faced by small businesses.

Responsive Design:
Responsive design means the designing of the web page has been done in such a way that it loads on the different sized screens properly without any issues. Typical devices which are used to access websites are desktops, laptops, tablets and mobiles all having different screen sizes. For proper representation on all of these devices your website should be responsive. Google also gives higher ranking to web pages which are responsive thus responsive design will help in making the sites SEO friendly and this will remain a major trend for 2018.

Beautiful Color Schemes:
Although the minimalistic look has dominated the web design industry in past few years but we expect the trend to unfold into something more brighter and more colorful. 2018 will feature loud, eccentric and vibrant colors. The web designers will play around with vibrancy and supersaturation and it will be more memorable and fun. Beautiful pastels and bright, neon colors will be successful. Hence this is an era of standing out with amazing colors in your website.

Grid Experiments:
Now a days Grids are used more as it helps in arranging various elements properly in page. The visitor of your webpage can view different options present in the grids and can click the one he wants to view. This leads him to the content that he wants to watch easily and saves much of his time. Many experiments have been done with the grid layout and always there was a positive response from the audience. Hence in the year 2018, you can also do experiments with new ideas of using the grid layout and learn more about it.

360 videos:
3D videos are one of the most popular methods of grabbing the attention of web users. In this digital age in the market, we will see many business owners and website owners switching to this technology. Right now also they are scoring quite high. The viewer feel very excited using the 360 degree video as they can view the videos from various angles.

We have just discussed the most latest and popular trends in the website designing market. Although there are many more other trends which are abuzz but the above trends are the most popular and summarizes the essence of these trends for 2018 and beyond. Gone are the times when the business websites needed e-commerce website just to display and sell the products. Now it has become a platform to reach out to customers, get their reviews while you are selling to them. There is already a huge competition in the market hence you cannot afford to present against them an unattractive, unresponsive and not user friendly website otherwise they will abandon your site. If you will follow the above trends of website designing then there will more chances that your customers will love the user experience they will get on your site and will become your loyal customers in long run.

Author's Bio: 

Being an experienced software developer at Xicom Technologies, Judi Toledo is passionate about web & mobile technologies. Researching on new technology that could help to enhance software functionalities. She keeps eye on the latest happening in the software industry to remain updated with the current market trends.