In web business, many times you will face clients approaching you and asking you to design their websites. But when they tell you their requirement, you will come to know that it's not just designing work, it also includes development work. Most people think that the terms web designing and web development are the same. But the fact is that these two phrases have a different meaning. Now here I will show these two terms vary from each other.

Web Design
Let's get started with the web designing first. Now basically it is website designing, it is creating a web page which includes colors and graphics. In simple words, it can be called sketching by using colors. It's just what we do paper, but here we are doing it on computers. Web Designing is associated to look and feel of the website or graphical representation of the web page.

The person who does the designing part of the website is called the web designer. He is the one who creates the visual appearance of the website. It is designed according to the needs of the customer and his business. Different colors, images and graphics are used to make the website appealing. Adobe Photoshop is the widespread framework which is used by designers to make the web page. To display the design over the internet, HTML (HyperText Markup Language) of the design is done. When it's just the design with HTML, these sites are static websites. With new version of HTML i.e HTML5, it has become very powerful with lots of new features built-in. Web Designers with good skill of HTML5 can do a little bit of functional part as well.

Web Development
Now, let's move on to web development. It is creating the functionality of web pages or constructing the back-end of the website, which is done through programming. An interaction between several pages, working on a website is the web development part.

There are different languages used to develop the website like PHP, ASP and ASP.NET and Oracle’s Java. JSP and Servlets are web development Technologies on Java platform. Some scripting languages are also used like JavaScript. There are free training courses online with certificates available those can be used to get knowledge in specific areas. Database design and development is also included in web development.

A database is a place where data from the website is stored and from where the data comes on the website. These websites are called dynamic websites or database-driven websites. To understand better, such website’s content is not static but fetched from database as per user request. For example, take an online shopping website, where you can search for any product and it’s displayed accordingly in specific format. To enhance one’s skills, web developer online test can be taken to validate knowledge.

Also, apart from dynamic website behavior, there are certain application specific functionalities are also performed by web developers like implementing a shopping cart functionality, online payments and much more. The users do not view the back-end or administrator side of the website. The owner or administrator of the website can view by logging in with username and password. The person who does work is called Web Developer or Web Programmer. He only takes cares, how the website is going to function when user open it.

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