There were heaps several expectations on website design from the customers that are expected to continue within the year 2019 too, some are listed below.

1. The increase of CSS3 Animations

Animations have hit the online market. They’re being employed within the websites to boost a site’s expertise and create it additional interactive. Animations embrace background videos, motion graphics, scrolling effects, micro-interactions. CSS animation may be a powerful feature that has gained serious attraction by the users. SVG animations have set the new standards into the sector of net animation. There’s no quality loss in SVG graphic notwithstanding we have a tendency to render or size.

2. Natural Shapes

When it involves victimization shapes in net layouts, designers use them for a spread of reasons like symbolizing ideas, conveyance of title feeling, making depth or influencing associate degree eye-path.
Because they're imperfect and asymmetrical naturally, organic shapes offer depth to an internet style that helps page components stand out. Natural shapes are chiefly nature-based however is “man-made” with spontaneous, free-drawn components like paint blobs. Envision stunning curves that make the illusion of movement, flexibility, and connections.
But, like all net style trends, detain mind that if it doesn’t suit your complete identity, leave it out.

3. Video Headers

The video is here to remain.

There is no surprise once I say that video headers have become common. The simplest issue is to stay a dark video with light-weight text. It creates an excellent} impact with good readability. On top of that YouTube makes it easy if the user desires to feature the implanted code for the video. There are websites that either plays the video mechanically, whereas others enable touching the play button. It’s varied edges. The sole disadvantage is that it'll cause loading issues, which could distract the traveler from the message.

The secret is to inspire your audience and showcase your distinctive ambiance they won’t be ready to realize anyplace else. whether or not it’s through branded video content or animation, dynamic tools are integrated to figure seamlessly within the background for scrolling or used because the concentration of the homepage to deliver a really powerful stigmatization chance. However don’t simply decide a video as a result of it's cool. It should be relevant to your business and audience’s wants while not making chaos.

4. The hamburger menu

Hamburger Menu is just 3 parallel horizontal lines that are used as a button on the website. Totally different themes and project take differing kinds of Hamburger Menu so as to enhance the look. It’s typically displayed on the highest left or right. There are several users World Health Organization don't have the thought regarding the hamburger menu. However, there's one easy resolution if we have a tendency to try the icon with the word “MENU” it'll facilitate to extend the interactions.

5. Parallax

Take the guests on a journey regarding your product and that they can like it. Optical phenomenon helps you to grab attention and build a precise sphere around your product. It helps you to push a bigger probability of connecting as a result of the innovative style improves the site’s desirability. Such optical phenomenon websites offer a dynamic expertise which inspires the user to remain longer on the page.

6. Responsive style

Any website style having flexibility among all the screen resolutions and also the devices are the foremost necessary approach among all the trends. The optimum viewing expertise makes it straightforward for the viewers in reading the content at their ease, resizing, scrolling etc from desktop to mobile isn't a problem currently. It creates an excellent user expertise and is cost-efficient that is additionally counseled by Google. It’s terribly straightforward to manage because the website has one address and hypertext markup language, in spite of the device. Because it makes it easier for users to share and move with the link provided.

7. Card Layouts

Websites currently being responsive, the online pages are broken into smaller components known as Card Layout. Every card/the constituent a part of the page can have data viz. title, an image, bound icons etc. There would possibly contain short note/product data. N variety of internet sites has digestible the card-based layout. Not simply websites, e-commerce has additionally adopted the thought of card layouts. you may see heaps of Big Commerce themes with such layouts and it additionally helps heaps with CTR.

8. Hero pictures

Using huge pictures has been the most recent trend on the website these days. It creates an excellent visual impact on the shop traveler. Optical phenomenon scrolling works best once you use the Hero pictures as a result of the look gets divided into screens that create individuation in your web site. Any artist, creative person or designer would like to show his talent in such a website. The sole issue to be thought-about whereas victimization the Hero picture is, you wish to own wonderful pictures that’s it. And yes, don’t miss to stay your web site “SIMPLE”.

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