What is Frame?
Frames are allow the multiple Web pages to all show up in the same page because Web sites use HTML frames, where the pages are broke up into various areas Each area consists of an independent Web page because . It can make your site easier to navigate because you can have a constantly visible navigation menu - and you know that easy navigation is one of the most important aspects of website design. This can make your site faster because you can include the site theme for images, logo, etc., and the navigation menu in frames that do not have to download each time a visitor looks at a new page. Only the contents page changes.
• Using this we can keep one parts of the page static while changing the other parts of the page.
• If we create a top we can use it as a header i.e., as that page is static it acts like an include page.
• It is use to reducing server load, as there is no need to reload all the pages when a new page is visit.
Frame Types
This is an intra-frames, code will be complete by it. This element also known as inline floating and can make the contents inside inline floating transparent.
Inline floating gives the following features:
• Increased performance over earlier versions of Windows Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer 5.5 and later has optimized to handle inline floating more efficiently. This means faster rendering, less memory, and faster scrolling.
• Inline floating can stack over other inline floating.
• Inline floating can contain transparent content.
1) It use relatively more space; inter-frames use relatively less space
2) This is relatively quicker to decode; inter-frames are relatively slower to decode
3) An application can randomly seek to it; an application cannot randomly seek to inter-frames, at least not with clean video since this does not carry all the information to put together a complete frame
This is a predicted which requires information from the earlier I or P-frame, which this may or may not directly, does it. It is not a Full Frame. Instead, it is a predictive video. This means that the P follows I and only stores the data that has changed from the preceding I. This is what is known as a Delta Frame.
This is a bidirectional predicted and requires information from the surrounding I and P.It is rely on this preceding and following them. This has only the data that have changed from the preceding frame or are different from the data in the very next frame. P and B-frames are also called delta frames.

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