Web development India is quite a tedious process, specifically when you’re creating your first website. You may be ready to launch your website with appealing design, informative content and the rest of the things relevant with your web development venture, but do you think its easy to launch your website? Well, you may have to consider a lot of things before you even plan to launch your website. Do you know what are those basic things that you should verify or consider when it comes to launch your website?

In this article, we’re going to cover some of the most basic things that everyone should keep in mind and consider before they launch their website for the first time in order to make the launch successful.

Your website is designed and developed, it works smoothly, content has been added and you’re quite happy the way it looks. Now, it is time to introduce your website to the rest of the world by making it “LIVE”. Do you think it's easy to go? Well, launching a website is like cooking, which involves tons of ingredients coming together to help you get a website of your choice. However, it is not all about mixing them up and launch your website without even testing or else it will ruin your web development India.

While launching a website, many website owners or developers often overlook or forget some of the most important things. In this article, we’re going to cover some of the most important things that everyone should keep in mind before launching a website

• Don’t Forget Favicon
The favicon is something that can help you brand the tab or window in which your website is open in the browser. Whenever user bookmark your website, it will be saved and make it easy for the users to identify pages from your web site.

• Workout on titles and meta data
A page title is one of the most important elements of your website from the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) point of view. It also helps the users to know what a specific page of your website contains. Therefore, it is important to make it dynamic and ensure that it changes on every page in order to maintain the relevance between the content of that page.

Meta tags or data is a good idea to boost up your SEO efforts. Make sure you change the description on each and every page to maintain the relevancy between the content and the metadata.

• Set up Google Analytic
In order to track the performance of your website, it is important that you set up Google analytics. It will help you keep track of the number of visitors, page views, time of a specific page and tons of other critical details about your website. Such information is quite useful for the website owners as it helps them identify the weak areas of their website.

• Check functionality and links
Never assume that all the functionalities you’ve incorporated within your site will always work when you launch your website. Also, you should not assume that all the links will work. It is always advisable to test the functionality and links of your website again before making it live.

•Verify the compatibility of your website with different browsers
Of course, the design of your website looks great, but make sure you check it in IE (Internet Explorer) to identify anything is wrong or not. If your website fails to run smoothly on multiple browsers, it will ruin your entire web development venture in India. Therefor, you should also crosscheck your website on other popular browsers to ensure that it looks stunning and function well across multiple browsers used by the users.

Apart from all these, you’ve to consider a lot of things like RSS link, sitemap, validation, proofread and more. Do you want to leverage from a professional web development in India? Get in touch with us now!

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