Swift, a new face of modern web development technology developed by Apple Inc. for IOS and OS X development announced in 2014. In just over three years Swift has become the second most loved programming language and third most trending language as well. Swift 4 incorporates the best of the features of C and Objective-C without any constraints of C compatibility.
Swift 4 is a kind of programming language that makes use of protected programming patterns and provides the modern age programming features. Another good thing about Swift 4 is that it provides Objective-C like syntax. Swift 4 is becoming the first choice for the developers to write in iOS and OS X applications. Swift 4 provides access to existing Cocoa Frameworks. It is able to unify the object-oriented and procedural portions of the language. There is no separate library importation is needed to support string handling or I/O functionalities. Swift 4 is inherited with an amazing playground where a developer can write and execute the code to see the immediate results.
For many people, what made Swift attractive was the new syntax, the enhanced features and functions and the safety. During the development of Swift, designers incorporated the ideas from different popular languages such as Objective-C, Haskell, Ruby, Python, C#, Rust and CLU.
Apple is going hard on swift and is making hardcore efforts to ensure the language is feasible and easy to understand. Companies like IBM and other huge Giants in the market are investing in the development of Swift.
A Website Design Company that wants to make big in the market should hire Swift developers as it is the tool to fetch most out of technology in this competitive era.


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