Footsteps of 2020 are approaching your doorstep, and with its introduction come some changes in the web development field that has made slight changes in the world.

Web development has become a non-avoidable phase of business establishment that needs to be done smartly. Thus it's essential to coupe your existing business website with the trending technology that will help you to amplify your business.

So, here we are sharing with you some web development trends that you shouldn't miss in 2020.

Artificial Intelligence: Gone are the days when manpower was essential to serve your customers and analyze user-behaviour to create strategic planning. Today, big data analytics and speech analytics has made it possible, and what's possible with the introduction of artificial intelligence. Many other web development technologies (like chatbots) are used to enhance customer experience and improve their loyalty.

Internet of Things: You are already familiar with the usage of IoT in our day to day activities. However, the Internet of Things (IoT) is more than just a digital control to your household devices. The IoT concept is also applicable to web development that is another significant advancement, changing the era of 2020. Web Development Belize services are highly recommended to make your website 2020 ready.

NOTE: By the year 2020, more than 31 billion devices will be connected with the internet.

Chatbots: The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) ad IoT has made it possible to communicate with your customers with machine learning. The Chatbots are an advancement to the customer services that analyze the user-behaviour, mood and respond to them with the best feasible solution. The use of neural networks is another booming technology that is offering a new way of understanding the user's requests and serves a solution.

Parallax Applications: Single page website was a trend a few years back, which has not recalled in 2020. However, as a change, the single-page website is replaced with a one-page application that makes it feasible to use the application without installation. Mostly, the single-page website/app consists of a basic HTML template, including contact-us, business details, and subscription plans. This is the best way to promote the single URL and amplify its reach in the digital world.

JavaScript + Python: Today, PHP and HTML are not sufficient to make a website work well for your customers. A more specific programming language is essential to make your website stand out of the market. The versatile options of JavaScript (Angular.js, Node.js) are already being used for web development. Alongside this, the use of Python is also increasing to make a fully functional website. The use of these languages helps you provide better website performance will extended safety.

So, these are some trends that you will visualize in the web development niche. Undoubtedly, there are many other changes and advancements that you will experience with time, but those above are the most prominent that you shouldn't avoid while serving your customers/clients.

Do let us know what more trends will be seen in the year 2020? Share your response in the comment box below.

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