Nowadays due to the economic crisis, most business owners want to build websites at an affordable price. But for making a website you need to hire both a web developer and web designer. Most people have a misconception that web development and web designing are the same things but it is not so. It is very normal for a layman not to have a clear idea about this industry. When it comes to hiring for their website; they end in a huge confusion.

In time of developing the eCommerce website, they may search for the Shopify website development in Delhi so that they can manage their website without any technical knowledge. People can come to this resolution only when they have a clear idea about web design and development industry.
So, here we will discuss in detail about the difference of the web design and development services. So, when they need to redesign a website they will approach the creative digital agency in delhi rather than wondering here and there. Check out the following section to find out whether there is any difference between website design and development.

Web design vs. Web development

• Web design refers to the aesthetic portion of the website and it mainly deals with how good the website will look and what will be its layout. The person who is involved in web designing is called a web designer. A web designer uses web design programs such as Adobe Photoshop for creating the layout as well as the visual elements of the website. But web development refers to the core structure of the website. The person who is involved in web development is called a web developer. A web developer of a website development agency in Delhi uses programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, etc. for bringing life to the design files created by the web designers.

• A Web designer needs to deal with the color, contrast, and consistency of the website. In a website, a web designer can use heavy and light color elements in a correct proportion which is a very critical task. Apart from that a web designer also needs to look at the contrasting sizes, textures, and shapes which are important for defining and drawing attention to the websites. A Web designer also needs to deal with clean and consistent navigation which can provide the best user experience to the visitor of the website. But web developer builds the full functionality of the website. With the help of the programming language, the web developer of website design company Delhi can put breathe life into the creative vision of the web designer.

• When it comes to the cost it is seen that a web developer charges more than that of the designer. However, the ecommerce website development delhi hires both web designers and developers based on their qualifications and experience. The more experience and higher the qualification the higher will be the salary.

A web developer works as a construction whereas a web designer works as an architect. In developing a website both are very essential but they need different skill sets and that is the reason the website design agency Gurgaon needs to hire both web designers as well as developers. Both the web designers as well as the web developers are important person and both of them play a crucial role in making your life simple and easier. But if you need a website you just need to approach a reputed web development platform like Shopifysince they have both highly qualified and experienced web developers and designers.

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