Apps for the mobile phone have become a rage. Mobile phones can be used for communicating with colleagues, clients, acquaintances through phone calls, e-mail or social networking sites. The apps that are developed for the mobile phone can be native in nature or be developed for the web.
The apps that happen to be native in nature can be run only on the specific platform. Mobile phone manufacturers tend to build applications that work only on specific platforms. Even when it comes to the apps developed by a particular manufacturer, the applications so developed may not run on each of the mobile phones developed by that manufacturer as some may have been built specifically such that these work only on particular models carrying some specific features.
Application development process for the mobile phones may also be undertaken so as to build web based apps. The good thing about the web based apps is that these can be run on any platform depending on the fact that the browser happens to be of suitable specification.
Mobile application development should be so undertaken that the requirements of the app are well documented. The process is then carried out quickly because the mobile phone apps are required to be such that these meet their small objectives and are able to work on a relatively less powerful processor. These apps are thus required to be light than being elaborate.
Mobile application development when done for a specific platform is generally carried out using the software development kit as is being made available by the mobile phone manufacturer. This app would not work on any other platform. Also, the app so developed is generally retailed through the online portal meant specifically for the purpose. Most mobile phone manufacturers are providing this facility given the significance these apps hold in today’s world.
The application development process undertaken by the developers brings convenience to the users in the form of apps that are available for free or can be downloaded with a minimal fee.

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