Image Slicing is a process of slicing larger images into smaller ones to fit them as per the HTML coding of the website. For instance an interface image is very heavy and takes a lot of time to get uploaded this is why it is important to slice it into a smaller image that can fit into the image sizes suiting various needs of the website. However, some web programs like Image ready and fireworks accomplish the task automatically that helps to save a lot of time of the web designers. If the image is bigger than the available resolution then there are possibilities of missing out portions of that image that adversely affects the image of the website. Therefore, by implementing image slicing, you can reduce the download time of images as well as create rollovers of the larger images to improve the accessibility of your websites.

Whenever, any image present in the website does not support the browser or file format then that image is not visible completely which leads to disappointment for users. To avoid any such situation web page slicing is brought into use that helps to improve the cross browser compatibility as well as the accessibility of any website. Web Page Slicing is a slicing tool that allows you to have the correct resolution of images and web pages for your website. It helps in dividing the 2D interfaces into multiple files that helps to obtain a graphical interface for electronic pages. Web page slicing helps to obtain a file or image in different and the most suitable image file format like GIF, JPEG, or PNG. It also helps in inserting multi-layer native format into any particular image file.

The two formats of web designing that is PSD and HTML complete each other and one cannot function without the help of other. PSD is used for creating plain designs executed with the help of web designer’s talent and perception and HTML helps in converting those plain designs into website compatible ones. HTML basically works towards fulfilling the drawbacks or deficiencies consisted by PSD designs. Slicing PSD to HTML helps in obtaining images that absolutely fits in the fixed or suitable resolution of the website. This ensures that no part of the image stands missing while it is uploaded. PSD to HTML conversion also helps in converting a large number of pages in a single go in maximum accuracy.

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