Web mining refers to the application of techniques to identify patterns that usually find on the web. Web mining is available in three types: the usage mining and the structure mining. The technical one, and its significance and the role it will depend on where one company.

Web Usage Mining

Web Usage Mining focuses on what users are mainly web searches. This can be either text data or multimedia data. This process focuses on research and access to information from the web and put the information into a one that can be easily treated.

Web structure mining

Here we use graphs and tables to use, you'll be able to structure and node sites how they are interconnected to analyze. Web structure mining usually comes in two different ways:

We may be able to extract models from links on various sites.

It may be able to analyze structures of information and the page will use XML and HTML to describe. By creating Web mining structure, you may be more about java script and a basic knowledge of web design over learning.

Here are some benefits of data mining.

Web mining has many advantages that are usually very attractive technology and many government agencies and businesses to use. This predictive analysis does not have much knowledge, as in the mines. Predictive analytics in general to the facts of history and current facts regarding future events to analyze. This type of mining has really helped e-commerce marketing are able to adjust that later will result in high trading volumes.

Government agencies use of extraction tools against terrorism and classify the threat. This helps to identify criminals in the country. In most companies also apply best services and customer relationship is generally applied, it gives them what they need. By doing so, companies will be able to understand customer needs better and then respond to their needs very quickly.

By doing so, companies will be able to attract and retain customers, but also to save on production and use of the knowledge of the needs of their clients. They can even be a customer and then to the client offers to consumers so they may increase the risk of losing customers to reduce.

Here are some disadvantages of data mining.

The worst thing that's a threat to mining, the invasion of privacy. Privacy is generally considered to be lost when the documents of a person obtained, broadcast or used mainly when it occurs without the presence of the person who came up with the data itself. Companies for various reasons and data collection purposes.

Predictive analytics is generally an area that mainly deals with statistical analysis. The predictive analysis in various ways to deal with extracting information from data that is used and it will predict future trends and behaviors. It is vital to note that this accuracy depends on the enterprise level and understanding of the personal information of the user.

With the use of data mining, business organizations are finding it easier to ask about the ability of companies and intelligence, which were very complicated and complex to analyze and determine the earliest response.

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