Web scraping, also known as Web data extraction or Web harvesting is a software method to retrieve data from websites. Web scraping is closely related and similar web-indexing, the content of the web index. Web indexing is the method used by most search engines.

The difference is that Web scraping focuses more on the translation of unstructured content on the web, usually in rich text format, such as HTML, in controlled data that can be analyzed and stored in a spreadsheet or database data. Web scraping also makes web browsing more efficient and productive for users. Example, by scraping the website automates the monitoring of weather data, comparing prices online and change the recognition site and data integration.

Data from third party websites on the Internet in general, using a Web browser that can be seen. For example, the yellow pages, directories, real estate websites, social networks, catalogs, industrial, commercial and offer more options for web sites that they are not copies of data on the performance of the local supply store data. The only option, manually copying and pasting the data into a local file on your computer - is a very tedious task that may take several hours.

In the same way that your web browser, a Web Scraper interaction with websites. The data were used by the site instead of displaying the data on the screen, web scraper software to a local file or database prevents web pages.

WebHarvy is a point and click web scraper to help you easily to scrape data from websites. Unlike most other software Web scraper WebHarvy clicks can be configured to extract data from websites is required. You just by pointing with the mouse to select data to be removed.

Benefits of Web Scraper WebHarvy

WebHarvy makes you different from other similar products? Key benefits and advantages is that the data extraction WebHarvy use? Read more. .

Scrape the data using a point and click interface

WebHarvy is a Visual Web scraper. WebHarvy allows you to configure a point and interface, data from websites using scraping clicks. A script / code or go through complicated setup procedures are required for scraping data. Scroll the page data is retrieved by clicking on it and select the desired data. It's that simple!

Can be easily configured to intelligently identify patterns of data

WebHarvy develop major design goals, while scraping the data that enables users to communicate with the software web sites with a minimum should be. This implies the minimum key and mouse clicks.

So while you try to view a list of repeated information such as name, address, email address, etc. of the cost of a web scraping, WebHarvy will not ask or try to create a single data element or a list capture elements, unlike other web data mining software.

The extracted data can be stored in a variety of formats such as CSV (Comma Separated Values), TSV (tab-separated values), XML (Extensible Markup Language) these file formats are supported. CSV files in Microsoft Excel, Open Office or Google Docs and all that can be opened using a spreadsheet program.

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