“What’s so special about WPCRM?”
WPCRM is a BI, CRM and Quoting tool, purpose-built for Wholesale Distributors, with a focus on end-user value via integration with your ERP. This webinar will walk you through a day in the life of a Sales Rep who uses WPCRM to gain value from data that already exists in their ERP. You’ll see real-life applications of:

Creating targeted campaigns from sales data with Marketing Automation
Increasing interaction rates with an easy-to-use drag and drop sales pipeline
Real-time pricing and order entry with fully integrated Quoting
Finding new opportunities with WPCRM’s “Suggested Products” and “Actionable Analytics”
Expanding existing business processes with WPCRM

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NSA Professional Services has been helping successful wholesale distribution businesses grow and prosper by leveraging and implementing world class software and processes. Our mantra is simple and clear – the right product, the right process, and the right people to ensure a successful project and a long-term relationship.