Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus, for PC and Mac, has several great features, including real-time threat protection, anti-ransomware, URL filtering, real-time anti-phishing, and a software firewall. Install & Activate your Webroot Safe setup in your device by entering a 20 digit Webroot Activation Code at www.webroot.com/safe.

A highlight of the Webroot suite is its lightness. Unlike many programs that have a bloated installation file, on our test system the Webroot folder is just a 3.77MB executable file, an INI file, and nothing else. This means that Webroot runs with minimal impact on your PC's resources. It also translates into speed; Webroot claims that its program can run up to 60 times faster than other antivirus software.


1. Quick
2. Takes up very little storage space
3. URL blocking with high precision
4. Loaded with features


1. Mixed results in independent tests.
2. Limited configurability
3. Advanced features are not easy to use

This antivirus application has a large number of functions, although it is small in size. However, our test results showed signs of weakness that may require the installation of other antivirus software.

Webroot setup begins with registering the user, which includes providing their name and email address. We appreciate that neither credit card information nor any payment is required to use the trial version. The website then sends you the download link and a license key for the 14-day trial version.

Since the Webroots file is quite small, the installation process was very quick. We also appreciate that, unlike some of its competitors, Webroot works well with other antivirus installed. Our PC already had Trend Micro Antivirus + Security installed, and Webroot had no problems.

With our setup complete, Webroot was then launched on an initial scan of our PC, which developed at breakneck speed. Believe it or not, the scan was done in a short minute! This was a thorough clean-up with the identification of a couple of adware-related items that some other antivirus programs miss.

The user is then allowed to review the scan results and can take action on the findings with one click. After this initial scan sequence, Webroot continues with its primary mission: real-time protection of your PC.

Webroot adds just two additional background processes to whatever the PCs are doing, so even with a slower PC, you won't even realize it's working. The first is a user application, and the second is a service. Combined, they consume just under 10MB of RAM, which shouldn't bog down any modern PC.

At first glance, Webroot Safe may seem a bit busy, with many icons, panels, buttons, and switches. This is not a serious problem; however, more advanced users may prefer that all options are easier to find. However, Webroot in general is quite simple to use.

In addition to virus scans, Webroot includes several additional features (more information in the Other Security Features section below). However, the Webroot Safe interface does not easily highlight that these tools are available. This allows the user to search all areas of the program as the only method to discover all that it is capable of, thus taking away the usefulness of the software.

To start a basic virus scan, click the Scan my computer button. Alternatively, you can right-click on the icon in the system tray.

Scan times were longer than 20 seconds for Webroot claims. The fastest quick scan option took 50 seconds. All things considered, that's still pretty fast. Furthermore, the fairly thorough deep scan was comparatively quick at a long 75 seconds. A deep scan has high detection rates and easily found sample pre-positioned malware; although, we also had some false alarms from some non-malware downloads.

Another option is for users to scan a file, folder, or drive by right-clicking on the Explorer menu. This option enables Full Scan, which searches for all files on the system. This is a pokey option that lasts longer than better-optimized scans but can be useful when a total system cleanup is needed.

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Webroot provides real-time protection for PCs and Macs against viruses, malware, phishing attacks, and identity theft.