Developing a website is not a child’s play and that is why organizations are hiring IT companies for this task. A website is made in two parts that are designing and development. It needs skill and talent on the part of a developer to accomplish this task successfully. There are lots of tools available in the market which aid in this process. The two most popular of them are Adobe’s Dreamweaver and Microsoft’s Visual Studio. Although, it totally depends on the choice of a developer that which tool she/he will be using for the task but there certain factors which can be compared among the two.

Visual Studio is developed by Microsoft and everyone knows the kind of quality they put into each and every tool they create. Almost all tools from the giant are specifically made to work with their hardware and may at times cause problem with other hardware. If your job wants you to work with intensive graphics then you might consider working on Apple systems. But in this case Visual Studio might not support all the features you are looking for in the project. Therefore, at this point pops-up the need to get software which can support all types of hardware and systems equally.

For a novice developer, using VS might be suitable because it has a really user friendly interface with easy drag and drop section. The help area contains full support for rectifying issues while development process is going on. All the servers can be controlled with much ease and the control panel provides smooth navigation with all the functions. Visual Studio is better at supporting the development tasks in a website whereas Dreamweaver is good at performing designing tasks. All types of software development are fully supported in Visual Studio and that is why it is chosen by most web developers.

Dreamweaver is made to specifically aid the process of designing and that is why it is the choice of most web designers. It has built in extensions which support all types of java script and languages. The large number of extensions provided in the tool supports all types of functionalities in website design services and development process. It is made to provide ease of working in a team on same project. This can be accomplished through Visual Studio also, but it will require you to use Microsoft’s products for this purpose. Working on the same project with a team becomes easier on Dreamweaver in comparison to VS.

IT companies use both the tools depending on the type of project at hand. It becomes the choice of a developer to choose the type of tool she/he is comfortable working with. custom web development India companies use these tools widely for accomplishing outsourced tasks to them. Visual Studio comes at little fewer prices than the Dreamweaver but for using the numerous extensions in the later you need to buy them. In addition to that Adobe products are usually demand more memory as compared to other tools in the same category so, therefore, you will be required to have a system which has high-configurations to support this heavy tool.

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