"Why website designers should use Blogs" & "How To Contact Millions Of Customers Instantly"

Few years ago if you asked ninety percent of the American people what a Blog was, the answer you would have gotten was, anything from a shrug of the shoulders, to a type of moss that grows in a rain forest. In the past year this term has moved from obscurity to one that is coming to be understood as an Internet entity that can change the course of events and influence millions of potential customers.

Blog is the shortened version of the words" web log". It can be as simple as an individual’s daily journal or as in depth as the analyzation of world events and politics. A blogger is the person that keeps the blog and bogging is the act of posting on the blog.

A recent survey showed that sixty two percent of the American public still does not understand what a blog is. It also found that in February of 2004 only seventeen percent of internet users read blogs. By November of that year readership among internet users was up to twenty seven percent. That is a staggering sixty-three percent increase in just nine months. Additionally there was a five to seven percent increase in the number of blogs created during the same time. In a short period of time there will be an even more dramatic increase.

"Blogs Are Here To Stay"

A head of the journalism department at New York University has stated that this is not just a fad but is here to stay. Only time will tell for sure, but with the number of web designers , bloggers and readers increasing daily it would indicate that it is most likely correct.

Most blogs remain personal journals and thoughts of individuals. Some however have risen to the level of credible journalism. In fact both candidates invited some of these bloggers to join the mainstream press at the nominating conventions. Needless to say this has become a threat to the established media, both print and electronic.

"Mainstream Buisnessmen And Politicians Utilize Blogs"

As the numbers have increased, many business Executives and CEOS have latched onto blogs as the perfect avenue to get their views in the public eye. In the past they had only corporate press releases and public speaking engagements utilize. With a blog it is immediate and can target millions of readers for almost no cost.

Politicians in the past have also seen the benefits of the blogs. This is most evident with Dan Rather’s attack on President Bush’s service record. Within minutes of Rather’s attack blogs lit up around the Country questioning the authenticity of the documents that Rather was using.

Just as the large businesses and politicians have, you can use blogs to instantly contact customers.

"Blog's A Boom For The Website Industry"

It is also broadened the website marketing industry to include blog marketing as well. The owner of Jvw firm, an industry leader, in both custom website design and website marketing states that blogs have opened a new limitless market for the industry.

Jonathan Green’s blog was receiving about ten hits a day until he posted a video of one of the tsunamis hitting the coast of India and his hits jumped to 640,000 in just a few days. This demonstrates how an unknown can surge into the lime light literally over night.

It also brings to light another problem. It used to be that the geeks and businesses took up much space on the internet now companies are struggling to provide enough servers to handle the traffic due to increasing number of blogs and blog readership created by web designers and general bloggers.

There will be bumps in the road, but blogs are now and will continue to bring more and more information to the public. That can only be a good thing.

Take your business to a new level by utilizing blogs.

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Jimmy Thakkar is a Website designer from Mumbai and a search engine optimization expert who provides Internet Marketing and Website Seo analysis to his clients from all over the world.