With the time evolution, measures in website development are growing rapidly. To stay one step ahead, it is necessary to focus on trends, technology, techniques, and approaches that are gaining popularity.

Some major trends that will rule the year 2020 are as follow:

Active or Responsive Web Designs:

There is an increased number of users in different mediums, like tablets, smartphones, desktops, so it becomes more important to develop and design a website that delivers well in every medium. Having a responsive design is a must-have. So invest energy and efforts in developing a website whose primary content & design is the same across all mediums.

Chatbots and other Online Support Tools:

Connecting with customers is always a great way to resolve customer's queries or get an appreciation for service. Building a chatbot is one of the most accessible ways to optimize websites and it is one of the primary drivers of improving user experiences on-site. Chatbot guarantees customer engagement and customer satisfaction as their queries can be answered automatically.

Voice Search Optimization:

Smartphones are already outfitted with a digital voice assistant. It allows users to speak to the device to search results for their queries. Users can easily get the result by speaking rather than typing in words. Voice search is one of the main trends in e-commerce and businesses across the web. There are many voice assistants available like Google Home, Alexa, Siri, Cortana, etc.

Single Page Applications:

SPA, is a website solution that renders JS code directly in a browser and offers no page reload. Its initial purpose is mobile experience optimization. As Single page applications load faster, and there are no interruptions due to page reloading, they are increasingly preferred by users and web developers.

PWA and AMP:

Websites having less loading time on mobile devices has priority on google. Implementing a progressive web app (PWA) or accelerated mobile page (AMP) helps to reduce web page load time. PWA is a web page that replicates a native mobile experience. It is fast, can work online, or with a poor internet connection. E-commerce web apps are a common use case for this technology. AMP works on static content only, and they load faster than regular HTML. This approach works perfectly for blogs and news publishers.

As website development is continuously evolving, we must keep updated with the latest trends in web development. By following the latest trends in website development, there will be satisfied users with a world-class experience, improve web app ranking, and also it will open new markets for company services.

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