Eco-friendly weddings are friendly to both the environment and wallets, says wedding florist in Philadelphia, Hana & Posy, who created the concept. Engaged couples planning Philadelphia weddings are well aware of the heavy price tag usually attached to trendy buzzword ‘eco-friendly.’ Whether it be organic cotton clothing or earthy health food, consumers are willing to pay more for responsibly made products. In the wedding sector, however, choosing an eco-friendly wedding is not the most popular choice today, but it probably should be for couples looking for both style and savings.

The term ‘eco-friendly’ has been applied to almost every aspect of living lately, and wedding florists in Philadelphia are no exception. So, what is not eco-friendly about traditional wedding florists? Traditional wedding flowers are grown using pesticides that harm the environment by causing pollution and expose farmers, florists, and wedding parties to the pesticides’ toxins. Ultimately, the flowers are cut to create arrangements, ending their life cycle, and then thrown away, which is against the eco-friendly recycling philosophy.

Over the last two years, Philadelphia wedding florist, Hana & Posy, has developed the concept of an ‘eco-friendly wedding’ in an effort to positively impact Philadelphia’s urban environment and meet the demands of the eco-craze. Certain eco-friendly aspects are built in to each wedding per the store’s everyday procedures such as composting floral remnants and delivery in a hybrid car. Couple’s who choose Hana & Posy’s eco-friendly weddings, however, commit to low waste in every aspect of their wedding flowers.

Recycled vases are the literal foundation of eco-friendly weddings. The wedding florist in Philadelphia uses vintage mason jars and offers traditional vases, too, that couples rent for their wedding and return to be recycled for use in other weddings. Many couples, however, choose to provide their own vases that are cheap or even free for their eco-friendly wedding. Hana & Posy has created arrangements in everything from olive cans collected by one bride-to-be to wine bottles gleaned from vino-loving families. Get friends, family, and neighbors in on the collection and these unique vases with a trendy look will minimize container costs while eliminating additional waste.

Hana & Posy’s Philadelphia weddings vary in just how eco-friendly couples are willing to go. While recycled vases are a great start, truly eco-friendly centerpieces are living plants. Hana & Posy has tailored spray rose plants, ferns, succulents, and orchid plants among others with eco friendly accents such as living moss and dried coconut bark. The living plants will continue to grow once the wedding is over, and guests can take them home as party favors offering couples savings on gifts.

Simply put, all the eco-friendly efforts affect the wedding’s bottom line. Today, the wedding’s cost most often falls on the couple themselves rather than parents as it has in the past, so couples need to get the most for their money. Hana & Posy’s eco-friendly wedding reduces costs so couples can afford beautiful wedding flowers and impress guests with their trendy ‘green’ style.

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