Udaipur the city known for its culture, vividness, colorful scenic beauty and Mount abu temple has been aptly named the 'City of Dawn’. It is believed that Udaipur has many worlds within itself casted away from the golden sand dunes and desert land that epitomize Rajasthan. This city is filled with bewitching tourist attractions, comprising of exotic lakes, elegant palaces built of white marble, and gardens, sprawling in acres with blooming flowers all around, gurgling fountains and of a tradition of regal living that takes some beating.

Udaipur in every sense is exquisite, alluring and really something to fall in love with! And what better place can there be for a relishing occasion like wedding?

Every couple that ties the knot of wedding surely has a certain penchant as the bride and the groom to host a wedding like no one has ever done. Perhaps the best way to fulfill this aspiration is to have a royal wedding event. There are numerous fascinating wedding venues in Udaipur that have the extempore to exhibit wedding in king and queen style. This popular ‘City of lakes’ is one amazing place where couple and both the people could enjoy this auspicious occasion. This is the reason why numerous wedding venues in Udaipur have sprung up in a short period of time.

Every wedding venue in Udaipur is enchanted with beautiful lakes, lattice walls and white marbles.All these attributes enchant the visitors and make their journey memorable. Just like these palaces, weddings in Udaipur are famed and cherished throughout the world for their extremely pristine choreographed undertaking. There are numerous wedding venues in Udaipur which are known for rich and royal weddings. Udaipur hosts several royal social celebrations and royal wedding ceremonies over the years. Many famed business families, celebrities, as well as royal families prefer Udaipur over other places for social celebrations.

Other than wedding destinations Udaipur is filled with numerous temples. One such very renowned and historic temple is Jain Templesare one of the finest Jain temples and are regarded as the epitome of Jain art. It is known for its extraordinary architecture and marvelous marble stone carvings. These temples are located about two-and-a-half kilometers from Mount Abu, Rajasthan`s only hill station.

These temples date back from the 11th to 13th century and are world famous for their use of marble. This is a pilgrimage site for the Jains. According to the inscription found at Mount. Abu, it was basically a seat of and Jainism made its appearance only in 11th century.

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