In Hindu religion observation, marriage cards become most unusual, because this Hindu Marriage occasion card wording or texture will be singular according to the different faith. When you see these types of cards then you will find that there is a mantra or chant written in Sanskrit of the initial part of paper and after this top of each different part. This is a symbol of happiness and joyfulness in everybody’s life. These starting wording of mantra pronounce the God for prosperity. Each and every Hindu wedding card will start with this mantra and a sign of God ‘ganesha’. This mantra basically depicts the voice of God and after this all work will be successful.

The image of Hindu religious god has a large importance on Hindu marriage invitation. Usually when you see an Invitation card you will usually find the image of lord ganesha, lord Krishna and Radha. Behind this Hindu people think that lord ganesha is a cleaner of misfortune and they stop the whole marriage from any disaster. Whereas radha and lord Krishna are two facet of adore and commitment. After this there is brief information of rituals that will occur in forthcoming days. This information contains the all kind of events that has to take place with the date and decided venue. This performa reduce the confusion of guest and relatives and give very precise information to them. These cards include details of time venue and particular day of all specific events. Some bride and groom also consist beautiful poem or small quotes in their marriage cards that leave a unique power on relatives.

These cards also include the initials of all the associates and kids and many near and dear ones. These names are generally written on the bottom side of cards. These textures make an invitation more charming and interesting. There may be various kind of fonts can be selected on the basis of card size and paper quality. Generally people select small font size and attractive font type to make an invitation impressive. In Indian country several kinds of caste and society lives together so each have their own wording and text on invitation.

Now when it comes to print a wedding card then there must be all necessary content in card. Each and every wedding card has a name of their grandparent and parent of couple traditionally. There is various types of wedding cards in market. Some card generally used thick paper sheet whereas some wedding invitation created on smooth cotton cloth which usually made on satin on silk cloth piece.

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Some vibrant and charming Indian Cards also ornamented by valuable stones and diamonds that would surely make an impact on guest and relatives. You can also search a broad range of various types of cards which is available in energetic colors and, gorgeous styles and costly ribbons. Most of the person wishes to choose golden, silver and red color on their card. These colors increase the elegancy and show of a designer wedding invitation.