All you need to do is share your preference and we will have it made you while you pick your personal best.


Missing out on arrangements due to an error in the number of confirmations can be embarrassing, and we don’t want you to face that hassle on an important event. Connect with us for the best Wedding Management in Mumbai and our team of professionals
will ensure that your first and most important step to planning an event via RSVP system is implemented to its full detail.


What’s a good evening without some entertainment to complement it? Our diverse offerings for entertainment such as live performances, DJ, Artist specials, recreational shows, etc will ensure that your event does not lack behind in the entertainment quotient.


A beautiful invite and stationery kit always make a lasting impression, and the case is no different with weddings, conferences, events etc. Share the theme of the occasions with us and our designing specialists will custom-make the perfect product for you. When performing at a sangeet or preparing a surprise dance performance, you definitely want to put your best foot forward. Trust our choreographers who are a part of Wedding Management in Mumbai to make you look like a professional rocking those moves.


When you’re hosting an important event, it’s pretty much impossible to attend to each and every guest and go through micro details like hotel check-in, check-out or when the guests need something as minuscule as a safety pin. That’s where our team of hospitality and travel ninjas comes in to ensure that right from the minute your guests land at the airport/arrive at the hotel, their accommodation, transport, or anything they need under the sun is taken care of seamlessly


Happy meals = Happy guests. No Indian wedding or any event for that matter is complete without a delicious spread! Book the catering service of your choice and we will curate a custom-made menu for you.


Today social media presence is as important as offline presence, if not more and what could be the best way to introduce yourself as a couple to the world than having a joint account (We don’t mean the bank.) Days before you to the knot, we create buzz on social media about the power couple via dedicated social media presence for them and what’s even better?
The world gets to witness your witness through this!

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The Wedding Trunk is one of the best wedding planners in Mumbai.