When you are busy making arrangements for your wedding you’ll have lots of important decisions to make. You’ll need to get a lot of printing done in connection with your big day; wedding invitation cards, thank you cards, place cards, programs and the like. When it comes to the program you’ll need to decide whether you should list out your wedding music on it as well.

Your wedding music is a very important part of the event. It is a mistake to think that you only need it to fill out the empty spaces from time to time. The right kind of music will entertain your guests beautifully and it will also help you express your personality and interests.

If you have taken a lot of trouble to organize the music and other entertainment for your big day then it wouldn’t hurt to list it out on your program. If your music is well-selected then many of your guests would undoubtedly want to know what is being played. You will also be saving your wedding program as a keepsake of this important day. If it has the music listed then your keepsake will be complete.

Needless to say, it is not a particularly good idea to print out the music if you are having a very simple or casual ceremony. Keep in mind that this will also increase your printing costs. Go ahead and get an elaborate program printed only if yours is a very formal or elaborate wedding.

There are a few things to keep in mind when getting your wedding music printed out:

1. Finalize things well in advance and try not to make any last minute changes. It is never a good idea to leave print jobs to the last minute.

2. Give credit to the composers and songwriters who created the music as well as the musicians who will be performing it.

3. Check for spelling errors

4. Include the lyrics of hymns if you think that guests will sing along with it. Many weddings are religious rather than merely social events and people generally join in to sing the hymns.

You should also share the program with the wedding band so that there is no confusion about what music is to be played and at what time during the ceremony. A little bit of foresight regarding the wedding music and other arrangements will ensure that your big day is a truly memorable one for every person concerned.

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