When it comes to wedding photography, the easiest way to select is through Internet as most of the photographers have their own website where they describe short portrayal of their style. Before selecting any photography it is necessary to learn the style normally you favor, as this helps in decision making. It is important that you should never hire a photographer just by seeing his image or photograph. Shooting style is as essential as the images. It’s important to know that do they let the marriage unfold naturally in front of them, or they take control of any situation. It is important to know in advance, as this can ruin your day. An example would be if the photographer is always pulling out of the party, get the typical shots when all your family members and friends want natural images rather than portraying every time. Be sure to ask many questions, so you have everything to know about the photographer.

In recent years, when we talks about wedding photography there has been a move towards a more photojournalist approach, with available light and lens coupled with short depth of field. These kinds of images can be beautiful and really set a passionate tone of the images. An ideal location for the ceremony and reception, really help to get the most from this type of shooting. Especially, churches and reception halls which have ample natural daylight are ideal if this is the kind of pictures you want.

You can also think of the traditional formal photos which are also very beautiful and romantic. The key factors lies selecting a appropriate location. This can be a church or a special place, or perhaps a bit "of both. The venue of the ceremony is perfect place for family photos. Usually there are some beautiful flowers or candles used to be added as decoration. Suppose if you want to get married in a church, the altar is usually a little "high. So a few stairs away will of great help when it comes to organizing a large group and get their pictures clicked, and the image also looks balanced and everyone can be seen..

When searching for a outdoor location, it will be better if you opt for place which is simple and elegant. Since you have invested so much time and effort in selecting the best clothes and flowers, if the location is busy it would be overshadowed.

There is also a tradition of having 2 photographers on wedding day. This is another good way to merge the two images i.e traditional and candid images. Even if a photographer is taking single shots, the second one can get all the fun behind the scenes, that is the types of images that did not even know they were photographed.

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