Italy would be the destination of choice for many who would want to get married outside their country. The reasons are obvious. Italy is a placed with a landmark of history, beautiful culture, loving and friendly people and a center where the romantic atmosphere is exemplified.

With all of the above, no doubt it would be a good ground to solemnize a marriage. It is though disturbing that some people hold some myths about this legendary place for many reasons that are proven to not be true.

Here in this article, a look at some of those claims by people will be examined so you can get a true picture of what really holds in Italy if you intend having your destination wedding in Italy.

Italy is expensive for such venture

Italy may boast of the popular brands in fashion and designs known around the world, but this does not translate to making the wedding in Italy expensive to execute. Yes, Italy is known for luxury and glamor, yet, you can have your wedding done with less expense than you would do locally.

If you talk of the venues and decorations, you have less to spend because the venues are such that they already have the look desired. The medieval castles, villa, and halls have little to add in terms of decoration. You look at it this way; if you are giving yourself a treat in a wedding, a vacation with friends and your honeymoon all in one adventurous trip, would you not have saved much at the end?

The bureaucracy is an obstacle

Not that really. While it is not an obstacle to getting married in Italy legally, you will need to go through processes of getting the authorization which is applicable also anywhere around the world. There are stages you have to follow of which the final one would be to get the authorization requiring that both bride and groom appear for it three days to the wedding. What you will need to do here is to have a consultant who has been in this business and the documentation and the process won't be a hassle for you.

Personalization for the wedding is not achievable

The wedding is yours to plan. Why can't you have it personalized the way you want? With a wedding planner working according to your directions, it is yours to add or subtract in your wedding Planner Italy. The fact that the cultures in Italy may be an influence does not mean you can't infuse what you want even if you are going to have a Trento marriage.

It is more stressful

Can this be accepted? No. In actual fact, you are taking the stress away from you if you are having a destination wedding. With a wedding planner south Tyrol Italy for example, you have no need except making out the paper writing and mailing to your planner.

There are lot other things like logistics and accommodation which people think will also be a problem but they're actually not a problem.

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