First things first: The wedding planning checklist gets the Bride and Groom to decide on a date they would like to get married on and what sort of venue they are after. It can be a Civil Ceremony in a Manor House or a Traditional Church Ceremony, then onto somewhere for the wedding breakfast and reception. Once this has been established, number two on the wedding planning checklist is the task of finding them the perfect wedding venue.

Once the venue has been booked the happy couple should begin to choose the colour scheme. The next point on the wedding checklist would be the bride’s choice of dress. The bride should begin to decide what sort of dress she would want to wear on her big day. The Wedding Planner will advise on some good Bridal Wear shops and will even accompany the bride if the bride would like her to.

Well reputed photographers are often booked up many months in advance so photographers are one of the top priorities when planning a wedding. They should be booked within a few weeks of booking the venue. All the photographers and recording artists your planner schedules a meeting with are told to film and photograph the wedding to perfection and send a copy/album of the event immediately to you once the event is over.

Once a colour scheme has been decided then bridesmaid dresses, flowers and table centre pieces can be thought about and samples can be gathered. The planner advises you on the best seasonal flowers.
Transportation is a key factor and is sometimes not thought about until the last minute which can often lead to last minute disasters. If you can book as much as you can once a venue has been decided it leads to a more stress free time. Guests have it easy arriving at and leaving.

The vehicle in which you drive away after exchanging vows is marked on the checklist by your planner and you find it outside the venue when the day actually arrives.

Once the main features in planning a wedding have been booked, attention can be turned onto the wedding cake, wedding favours, the date cards and wedding invitations. Planners order the wedding cake in your favourite flavour. Toast the occasion with champagne with all the other guests present.

The planning and organization of a wedding can feel endless but always have faith and trust in your wedding planner. They are there to help you ensure your big day runs to perfection using a very precise and cost efficient wedding planning checklist.

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Maintaining a wedding planning checklist ,
ensures you can never go wrong with anything during your wedding. There are columns in the checklist which help maintain a record of everything and ensure you get them done on time.