Wedding Planning Checklists are a must have for every bride to be. They are necessary when planning a wedding. They are a free and easy to use tool which enables your wedding planner as well as brides to ensure that everything has been done.

Wedding planning checklists are generally arranged into categories so you can be sure you have thought about everything for every part of the day. They are of immense help both to the wedding planner and the bride and groom in ensuring all tasks are smoothly undertaken and nothing gets left out.

The checklist helps mark the venue of the wedding which can either be conducted as a Traditional Church Ceremony or as a simple Civil Ceremonial in a Manor House. A place to book for the wedding breakfast and reception is also facilitated on the checklist.

The Bride’s Choice of Dress gets priority on the checklist. She decides what sort of dress would suit her best on her big day. The wedding planner advises on good designer bridal wear shops and accompanies the bride if she wants for trials. Planners advise well on bridal dresses.

Photographers and Video Recording Professionals get separate space on wedding planning checklists. They are booked months in advance. They have clear instructions from the wedding planner to film and photograph important moments. You get DVDs and Photo Albums of your wedding shortly after the event.

Avoid last minute disasters at your wedding. The transportation column on the checklist enables you to put down the names of all the vehicles you would want at your wedding. This helps ensure guests arrive and leave with ease.

Wedding checklists also enable monitor small but significant factors like date cards and invitations. You get to invite all the people you would want in attendance at your wedding. Your planner marks your wedding cake and champagne on the checklist to ensure they are ordered on time.

Checklists contain a wedding budget sheet. This is another free and easy to use tool and is a great help to ensure the Wedding Planner can keep track of all costs and most importantly make sure the Wedding comes in on Budget.

Wedding Planning Checklists also help out as a timeline and will tell you when you need to send out your save the date cards, invitations etc. The list will help you organize a hassle-free wedding and ensure all tasks in hand get completed on time and within budget.

Not every checklist suits your needs. Try amending them. Modify your wedding checklist. It makes a last minute change of venue possible. A simple wedding ceremony can be made a lavish and extravagant wedding celebration within no time.

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Maintaining a wedding planning checklist , ensures you can never go wrong with anything during your wedding. Wedding planner takes all your ideas and details and start arranging from your very first meeting.