The wedding is one of the most crucial events of one's life and everything that is involved within the entire thing is important to be taken efficient care of. Say goodbye to your swollen feet and those painful blisters with some of the simple hacks for breaking in the wedding shoes. These two are the only reasons that are going to stop you from dancing the night away on your wedding day. Consider looking for wedding shoes that is comfier than those pricey and expensive designer wedding heels to break them in.

From many of the fashion designers’ advice, we have compiled a list of some key tips that will make sure your feet stay alright and happy at the end of the night. Look at these tips for the bridal shoes in London:

Wear them around the house: You would probably do not like wearing your shoes out before your wedding day, so to make yourself comfortable wearing them, consider wearing it for short spans on a daily basis within your house. Even you can consider wearing them while you’re watching your favorite series or sorting your table plan. Try doing this so as to reduce the chances of giving your feet some blisters on your wedding day. Also, you can think of wearing them for at least 10 min every day starting a few days before your D-day.

Wear them with ski socks: Put on a thick pair of socks followed by your heel so as to get them into the comfortable shape and size of your feet. Doing this will give your shoes a little bit of stretch and ensures no edges will dig or scrape on the big day. This is a clever trick if your shoes are of either perfect size or slightly too tight in size.

Blast them with heat: Once you wear your bridal shoes on, ensure giving them a little heat using a hairdryer so as to warm them up and encourage stretching. The heat will naturally make your shoe expand according to your feet size. You just need a few seconds of heat on each foot to get them sized according to your foot size.

Buy shoe stretcher spray: To expand the size of your bit tight bridal shoes, this is a handy invention that will pre-soften leather and make your brand new heels feel a little less stiff. It might sound like a not so effective product, but believe me, it works.

Have them stretched professionally: If your shoes are giving you shoe bite or are killing your feet from inside out, you might want to call in the professionals i.e. the cobbler to get it stretched. But ensure doing a research well ahead as a bad stretch cannot be undone and can spoil the shape and size of your beautiful bridal footwear. You won’t be wanting to get your soon-to-be wedding shoes ruined even before the day arrives.

Wear them at work for few days: To get yourself comfortable with your wedding shoes before the day arrives, consider wearing them daily to work for a week at least. Since you would not be walking much and sitting for long hours, keep your wedding shoes on so that they can take the shape of your feet making them comfier for you to wear till your wedding day arrives.

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Fancy shoes are the best option for your D-day but ensure that they are comfier and they are the ones that can make your feet happy. After all, on the most special day of your life you would not like to bear any sort of the stress on your face not even because of your not so comfortable bridal shoes in London.