Wedding is the most important occasion in anyone’s life. The wedding rituals followed by a family are passed through generations. A nuptial knot keeps a lot of importance in the lives of both the family as well as the couple. A wedding knot instills a beautiful sense of bonding for both bride and groom. Marriage in India is the most trusted institutions, and no matter the bride and groom belongs to which state or community, the importance of the wedding is unavoidable. A wedding is symbolic representation of love, trust, care and understanding between a man and a woman. The Indian culture is the best example in the whole world that upholds and supports the sanctity of marriage.

The simplicity and ingenuousness of the wedding traditions of India is reflected in the Oriya Matrimony. Orissa is located on the eastern coast of India along the Bay of Bengal, and has a number of beautiful beaches that are very enchanting. The residents of Orissa are quite introvert and follow a very simple lifestyle. The Oriya weddings are simple affairs. Still the wedding rituals reflect the rich culture of the state, with the traditional clothes, stuff and the customs.

The weddings include a series of rituals, which involve many customs including pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding rituals. Like other communities, inter-caste wedding in Oriya matrimony is prohibited and the families of the boy and girl select the right match for them. There is a trend in the eastern India that the groom’s mother does not takes part in the wedding, and they stay back at home, singing wedding songs with other older female members of the family.

The time of wedding celebrations vary as per the caste of the bride and groom. The Brahmin families in Orissa conduct the wedding ceremonies in daylight, while the non-Brahmins celebrate the wedding during evenings or nights. The pre-wedding rituals in Oriya matrimony include a number of rituals that exhibit a strong sense of simplicity that lies in the hearts and lives of the people of Orissa. The rituals and the food prepared during the customs are carried out with sanctity and purity.

Wedding rituals: The wedding rituals in Oriya matrimony start with the customs of 'Kanyadaan' and 'Saptapadi'. The wedding area is beautifully decorated with flowers and bright green leaves. The wedding rituals are conducted in front of the sacred fire or Agni. The priest recites the holy verses from Vedas and the female members of the family blow conch shells as a sign of purity. Sven steps are taken, and a vow is quoted with every step. This ritual is known as Saptapadi, which is common in all Hindu communities. Puffed rice is then offered by the couple to the sacred fire. The groom puts vermillion in the hair parting of the bride and they are declared as husband and wife.

After the wedding, the bride and groom are given adieu from the bride’s home, and they enter their new life together. The occasion in the Oriya matrimony is beautified by various rituals and a grand feast is arranged for the invitees as a welcome note for the bride.

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