In honor of Wednesday Wisdom, I bring you reviews of tools you can use on social media sites.

Over the summer I discovered the Pinterest downloader. These methods and free tools download images and videos you find on Pinterest into your desktop or mobile device. The tool even provides a link so you can cite source credit.
For more information, check out my review of Pinterest downloader methods:

Do you want to stand out on Instagram? Consider using unusual font generators like the kind you find in this guide: These are sure to grab Instagrammers' attention!

Another way to stand out is to post word clouds. Everyone loves word art but not too many people post word clouds on social media. Be different and beat the competition. Here are free word cloud generators for you:

Memes are hot on Instagram. There are over 9 million posts tagged #memes on the popular social media giant. Why not get in on the action? My guide to meme generators gives you free tools that help you generate your own memes to post on Instagram and other social media sites. You can change the pixels to square for Instagram as needed.

You can put memes in your Instagram grid or your Instagram stories. Here is a guide to Instagram's free and premium story viewers for desktop:

Video is also all the rage. Instagram wants to be like YouTube, so now is the time to learn how to use free video tools. Instasize is an app that you can use to make Instagram videos. My guide shares examples of what you can do with Instasize as well as other video editors:


Since lockdown, I've familiarized myself with many video editors and you should too. Splice is easy to use and free. The music library is what makes this app so popular.

I hope you will consider checking out my YouTube videos; I made most with Splice and subscribing to my channel:

Bonus Tip:
Here is a bonus tip for Wednesday Wisdom. Are there any bloggers out there? You can use a free SEO tool in addition to these other tools. I recommend the MozBar, a free Chrome extension. Here are more details and a tutorial:

Wrapping Up: Wednesday Wisdom

I hope you enjoyed my tool reviews! Happy Wednesday Wisdom!

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