All too often you may find yourself really pushing the envelope and towing the line Monday through Friday only to reach the infamous time of the week known as “The Weekend.” Unfortunately, somewhere, somehow our dreams seep out of the window when the weekend rolls around and we lose sight of our future self-vision.
Many times there seems to be a little more allowance, slightly more wiggle room and an attitude of entitlement when we descend upon the days of the week known as Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Perhaps it is their placement in the week, possibly the way they entice you in an attempt to get you to relinquish your get-up and go spark plugs; whatever the reasons may be these days seems to wave a red flag in front of you and pretend to not even matter when working toward weight loss. Let’s delve into some strategies that will enable you to stay on track and arrive at the beginning of the work week with a positive, confident attitude.

~Begin your Friday with a review of your goals. Take a few moments in your day to ponder what you are doing, why you are doing it and what you hope to attain from your diligence.
~Adorn your home with simple clothing reminders of what you are working toward. Display items of wear throughout areas of your home that remind you to stay on task. Contemplate taking photos of these items on your cellular phone so that you can view them in times of temptation when you are away from their presence.
~Practice the art of post-it prompting. Write down short and sweet notes to yourself and spread them around your domain for the weekend. Whenever you are meandering around the weekend days you’ll be pleasantly reminded of your aspirations to stay on task.
~Take the time to reward yourself for your efforts throughout the weekend days. Spend some time alone, go shopping, and get your nails done. Remember that caring for yourself to the best of your ability creates a woman who is centered, filled with strength and ready to tackle all of life’s endeavors with her number one vision in sight. YOU.
~Exercise at least one or two days over the Friday-Sunday time period. Seek consistency.

The free pass – BEWARE! Watch out for the force that frantically pounces with the weekend whistle. Weekends are not the time to furiously stray from your weight loss goals. Stay focused, eat healthy, watch your portion sizes, exercise and maintain control throughout the weekend. Why? Because you want to reach Monday morning feeling strong and proud of yourself that you maintained your diligence and didn't jeopardize all your hard work throughout the prior week.

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