The current lunar cycle, which belongs to your sign this week, comes with, stimulating growth and progress, which is tied to recognition of your responsibilities. This is reflected in your personal and professional arena also. This week we also have a ticket on the planet that symbolizes intelligence, communication skills and expression. Mercury, messenger of the gods, which acts in Capricorn, indicates thoughts toward achieving your goals.
Aquarius, known to experience the moment of introspection, contemplation, a kind of synthesis of everything we experienced over the past few months. It is therefore a moment that must have time for you to rest, reflect, have contact with nature, and develop sensitivity, spirituality, in order to balance the inside. But this can also be a time when you flourish in a particular project, which can be connected to the professional area. Be aware that completion of the cycle and you has the learning so important this time.
Get to work, Pisces, this is a busy time, perception of your responsibilities, duties and demands and how they relate to certain persons, groups, teams or institutions. While many people are on vacation at this time, resting, the mood of Capricorn lunation indicates that this is a very important time to work, to understand the responsibilities and achieve your objectives. Be aware of who are the people with whom you will achieve these purposes.
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