Erectile dysfunction, or ED, is among the most frequent chronic conditions confronted by men. It is estimated that 18 million guys older than 20 experience it to some extent. Sadly, these numbers still won't lessen the stress you feel when it happens to you.

Men encounter ED in various ways, but generally speaking, erectile dysfunction is the inability to attain or maintain an erection to get desirable sexual activity. Though there are many reasons which happen to be the cause of ED, there is a consistently powerful link between obesity and sexual dysfunction. It is said that overweight guys are to suffer from ED 2.5 times more likely than the guys who are normal weight.

Obesity means body weight that's much above what is deemed healthy. But, you could begin to observe many different health problems, such as ED, by being only 30 pounds overweight.

Fat and Erectile Dysfunction: The Game Changer

The consequences of obesity in your sexual life are almost twofold. To begin with, obesity frees one to cardiovascular conditions like atherosclerosis - cholesterol deposits on the walls of arteries which slow blood flow to your organs, including the penis. Secondly, obese men have lower degrees of testosterone, a male hormone essential to sexual functioning. This also impacts the ability to achieve erections since you will need testosterone to boost the availability of nitric oxide, a blood vessel dilator in penile tissues.

In reality, the link between heart health and sexual health is so powerful that erectile dysfunction may often be the very first indication of cardiovascular disease in obese men. A few researchers found that men suffering from damaged blood vessels of the heart (coronary artery disease) had undergone ED a few years back. Additionally, some physicians discovered that due to its link to obesity, erectile dysfunction might be a predictor of future heart attacks and strokes.

Thus, utilize erectile dysfunction as the chance to deal with your total wellbeing. Consider it like it's time to get a comprehensive checkup.


Fat and Erectile Dysfunction: The Emotional Aftermath

Being obese can also set psychological barriers between you and your sexual life. Due to diminished testosterone levels, you might be experiencing reduced libido, a miserable mood, and decreased energy. Men also report a diminished feeling of energy and well-being. All these factors affect your desires of being content with your sexual life.


The Ultimate Goal Scorer: Weight Loss

You have been trying hard to recover your sexual life, haven't you? And so, it's high time you get rid of that body weight that's interfering with your sex life.

Although the concept of weight loss may be overpowering, the principles are in fact easy. To begin with, have a peek at just how much you consume. Maintain a target! Yes! Calories do count and so, cut on that extra sugar and fat by aiming to lose 1 or 2 pounds in a week. Well, that means you need to lessen the amount of calories you take daily. Or in simple words, read that nutritional info and cut on at least 500-800 calories per day.

Eliminate those chips and dips and try to indulge yourself with greens along with other uncooked veggies. Switch up your white pasta and bread to get a few whole grains. And obviously, if you follow these diet fundamentals strictly, you'll definitely see a change in yourself and can spend some more time in bed.

Last, but not the least, get onto that track. Physical workout is essential if you're planning to lose weight effectively. The figures speak for themselves. Exceptionally active guys have 30 percent less danger of ED than couch potatoes. Haha!

Try ditching those TV shows for a while and give your body at least 30-45 minutes daily.

Keep in mind, the secret to success would be to keep these wholesome habits not only until you lose weight, but for a lifetime.

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