In the past, it was generally women who were concerned about their weight, and this is partly because of how much pressure they had to face. Men on the other hand, were not under the same amount of pressure.

However, this has all changed, and while it could be said that the amount of pressure on women has increased, the pressure has only just started to build for men. On one side, this has encouraged them to look after themselves, but on the other side, it has set them up to experience the same problems as women.


When someone ignores their body, it is likely to have a detrimental effect on their health. So in this case, it could be said that it is a good thing that men are now paying more attention to their weight.

Based on this, the pressure that they now experience in the world is having a positive influence on their life. And if it wasn’t for this external pressure, there may be more men who end up overlooking what they can’t afford to overlook.


The down side to this is that it can condition people to believe that their level of health (and the health of others) is defined by how much weight they do or don’t have on their body. This can cause people to believe that they have to be certain way, and that it’s not acceptable for their body to be different.

Now, if human beings were all built in the same way and had the same metabolism, for instance, this wouldn’t be a problem. But as they are not the same, this can cause people to develop an unhealthy relationship with their body, and to suffer from mental and emotional problems.

Impossible Standards

As a result of what they have seen through the media and the people around them, one can feel the need to match up with a certain look, and while it might be possible for them to do this, it might not. If it is possible, they might able to feel as though they are acceptable, and if they don’t, they can end up feeling as though they are unacceptable.

What this shows is that even though it is important for someone to look after their body, it doesn’t mean that they have to look a certain way. The most important thing for them to do is to look after their body, and if they are able to accept the body they have, it will make their life even easier.

The Public Eye

A lot of the women who are in the public eye are slim, and this is something that has a massive influence on women. One reason women who are slim are often elevated is because of the amount food that is available in the western world.

However, if there wasn’t much food around, carrying excess weight would be seen in a more positive light; as it would be sign of wealth and power. When someone carries access weight when there is plenty of food around, it can be taken as a sign that they lack self-control.

The Illusion

When someone is slim, it can be a sign that they are in good health or that they are just naturally slim. Yet, it can also be a sign that they are not eating right or that they are going through a stressful time in their life.

The same is going to apply to someone who looks as though they are carrying excess weight. It could be that they are naturally bigger, are not eating right, or they may also be going through a challenging time.


And because of the amount of focus there is on how much weight someone is or is not carrying, it can be easy for someone to believe their value is based on them looking a certain way. All the other qualities they posses can end up being ignored, and this can turn them into a human doing.

It will be a challenge for them to realise that they are enough, and that their worth is not based on how many pounds they are carrying at any given moment. This is not to say that one’s appearance is irrelevant, but at the same time, this is something that has to be put into the right perspective in order for them to look after their wellbeing.


If one losses/gains a few pounds and they end up receiving a few compliments, it might have a positive effect on them. They may find that they start to feel good about themselves, and this may be the first time they have felt his way.

However, the complete opposite can also occur, and this is because what they hear from others can be seen as a sign that they were not acceptable before. And while the feedback they receive can give them the motivation they need to maintain their appearance, it can also set them to believe that they will be rejected if they don’t look a certain way.


Yet, if one is in a position where they have lost/gained a few pounds or if they are slim or bigger built and someone makes a comment, it can end up having a negative effect on them. This is because they might not have wanted to lose/gain weight, and if they are slim or bigger build, they might already have issues with their weight.


It is not uncommon for people who have weight issues to put other people down who are in a similar position. When this happens, it can be a sign that someone has disconnected from their own shame and ended up shaming other people.

The person who is being shamed can wonder why they have made such a comment; especially as they are far from perfect. Ultimately, it will be way for them to feel better about their own weight issues.


What this shows is that this is a very delicate area, and one will need to think about whether it is a good idea for them to talk about someone’s weight. It will be important for them to empathise with the other person.

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