How you can build muscle is all about resistance training. The more resistance a person can do the larger the muscle becomes. It sounds easy but there are certain procedures an individual should follow before lifting very heavy. I will go over several steps to help you.

I always have found it fascinating that by lifting weights your muscles can grow larger. Never realizing just how hard you had to work in order to achieve a great body. Now that I'm older I appreciate people who keep themselves in shape.

So what does it take to get to this point. Well from experience it takes motivation and determination. Plus a realistic exercise program and a reasonable meal plan. You need to have a good foundation to work from. Setting reasonable goals with the right fitness plan.

Let's look at the five steps needed in order to build muscle.

Step #1

Warm your body and muscles properly. I cannot stress this enough. There are more injuries in the first ten minutes of exercise then at any other time. That's because the individual never warmed up first and the body reacted to the stress of the movement. Always warm up the body for at least ten to fifteen minutes before workouts. Your body will respond kindly to this.

Step #2

When performing your exercises use strict form. This will also help from injuries and will allow you to get stronger without hurting yourself. You can't build muscle if your constantly missing workouts because of injury.

Step #3

No cheating when your lifting the weight. You should not be swinging your body when doing standing curls. When doing the bench press back should be flat on the bench. No arch in the back. If you're arching your back then the weight is far to heavy. Proper form will help you build your muscles quicker and you will get stronger.

Step #4

Rest between sets is very important. I'm a firm believer that excessive rest between sets actually hurts the building process of the muscle. I recommend resting no more than a minute between sets. Try this and you will see the difference in muscle size.

Step #5

Try to do at least three sets per exercise. I also like to keep my repetitions between eight to 12. Try this for six to eight weeks. You should notice a difference in your muscle size.

For beginners I would like to explain what Sets and Repetitions are. Let's use the bench press as an example. The person begins with the barbell at their chest and by lifting the weight up, that is one repetition. So say you do twelve repetitions and then rest one minute. That's one set. If the individual does another ten repetitions and rest. That's two sets. I think you now get the idea.

I hope my article helped people understand the importance of the five steps I outlined and will use this as a reference to build muscle.

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