To lose weight in health it is necessary that the body uses more calories than it consumes. That is why the two most important measures to reach the ideal weight are to adjust eating habits and practice physical activities. But this must be done gradually and with a healthy and varied menu. Follow the tips to lose weight in a healthy way:

How To Lose Weight Fast And Healthy

To lose weight and lose belly, changing habits and lifestyle can be very effective, and can help you lose up to 2 kg per week depending on the initial weight. Here are the top 10 ways to how to lose weight fast and healthy

Consume fat-burning foods

Foods that help you to lose the weight are the hibiscus tea, lychee, blackberry flour are among them. You can also order a weight loss pills from

Foods that deflate

Foods rich in omega 3 (salmon, tuna, sardines, herring, mackerel, flaxseed, chestnuts) contribute to weight loss due to the anti-inflammatory action. Know the anti-inflammatory diet.

Foods that increase satiety

Foods rich in fiber provide greater satiety, so hunger takes longer to appear, which helps you lose weight. The main sources of fiber are: fruits, whole grains, such as rice, wheat, rye, barley and oats. Legumes such as beans, lentils, chickpeas and peas and vegetables also have good amounts of fiber. The seeds, like chia, flaxseed and pumpkin seed, also have fiber. Learn all about fibers.

Foods that speed up metabolism

Foods with thermogenic action stimulate the greatest burning of calories. The main thermogenic foods are: pepper, green tea, cinnamon, ginger and coffee. See the benefits of thermogenic foods.

Eat only the main meals

. The ideal when you want to lose weight is to have the three main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and two or three small snacks. This will keep your metabolism running all day, give you more satiety, lessen your hunger out of hours, and prevent you from overdoing big meals. The interval between each meal should be at least 2 hours.

Invest in a balanced and varied dish

Healthy eating requires a balance of nutrients and variety of foods. It is worth investing in fruits, vegetables, greens. Do not forget to complete the menu with different types of meats, cereals, legumes (beans, lentils), milks and derivatives, essential food groups for daily food.

Avoid restrictive diets

Diets that dramatically cut calories or some specific component, such as carbohydrates, are considered restrictive.

More than that may be a sign that you are not following the most appropriate diet. The monotonous diet with little variety of foods does not bring all the nutrients that the body needs, and may even affect immunity and the body more vulnerable to diseases. Shake diet, gluten free diet and soup diet are some examples of restrictive diets.

Practice fat-burning exercises

The World Health Organization recommends practicing at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week for a person to be considered active. That is, by practicing an hour of exercise on three days a week (180 minutes), you have already exceeded that goal! To burn fat and lose weight it is important to invest in aerobic activities such as: walking, running, cycling, dancing, swimming, among others.

Decrease your salt and sugar consumption

The salt is the main source of sodium, in excess mineral in the body increases the risk of hypertension and water retention. Sugar consumed in excess turns into fat accumulation, especially in the belly region. Food sources of simple carbohydrates are high in sugar. Among them are: added sugar, soft drinks, sweets and those that have a lot of white flour, such as breads, pasta and cakes.

Drink an average of 2 liters of water a day

Consuming the right fluids goes a long way towards healthy weight loss. The recommendation is to ingest between 30 to 35 ml per kg of body weight of liquids, which on average is around 2 liters per day. See the importance of drinking water during the day for weight loss and consumption tips.

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