There are so many diets offered to all aspiring "weight losers" out there that choosing the most effective can be a confusing task. For most individuals, the gauge has quickly become the one that gives visible results in a quick amount of time. And the diet world is replete with those. Problem is, not only do most of them go against common sense, they're medically unsound and poses numerous health risks as well.

Most of these diets promise to shed off those excess pounds do so by literally putting your body in half-starvation mode. Science tells us that when this happens, you're literally wrecking havoc on your metabolism which actually has the effect of leading you to consume more food after the diet is over, causing you to gain more weight than when you first started. These diets are also severely lacking in essential nutrients. Science (and even your mom and your kindergarten teacher know this) tells us that in order for our bodies to function normally, we need the right mix of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals that we can get from fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meat and fish. Most of these weight loss diets that give quick results, however, go against all notion of healthy eating-- the first half of the magic formula that keeps the weight off for life.

Take for instance the widely-popular cabbage soup diet that promises a total weight loss of 10 pounds in a week. Strictly followed, it has been known to live up to that promise, but at what risk? Eating cabbage soup together with a predetermined meal plan is the hallmark of this diet. The problem is, it is severely nutrient-deficient. As a result, you not only make your body weak, you also jeopardize your health. Then there's the Hollywood Diet, which isn't really a true diet plan in the real sense of the word, but a fasting with a juice plan using a special formula. This one promises a whooping weight loss of up to 15 pounds in 24-48 hours! Juice does not give the nutrients your body needs to function well. Besides, what will be lost is only water weight and not real fat.

Then there are weight loss diets that do give fast results but do not make exercise a part of the entire regimen. Examples of regimens that do not include exercise are the Scarsdale Diet and the Three-Day Diet. Exercise comprises the other half of the magic formula for weight loss. Any weight loss program that does not encourage some form of physical activity is medically unsound. While exercise promotes weight loss by boosting metabolism and building muscle that aid in fat-burning, its benefits do not only end there. Regular cardio and strength training exercises lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels, prevents certain cancers (studies have shown that 10,000 steps a day has this effect) and release hormones that makes individuals psychologically healthier and more able to cope.

When you're faced with the fact that you can't see anything past your bulging belly, it's way too easy to go on a weight loss diet that promises fast results. However, you should seriously consider if the risks it poses to your health are going to be worth it.

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