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We are all bombarded daily with images of picture perfect bodies, in magazines, television, social media, and everywhere else on the internet. It’s no wonder many of us are trying to get fit and lose weight. However, we often complicate our fitness journey with unrealistic goals and expectations. Weight loss isn’t as complex as we make it out to be, and anyone can lose weight with determination and dedication.

Exercise: Anything Goes As Long As You Stick To A Routine

If your goal is to get fit and get in shape, then stop focusing on which exercise routine is going to give you the best results. The differences (in results) between different programs are very minimal at first, so pick the routine you feel comfortable with. It can be as simple as putting on your no bull shoes and going for a run everyday, with a few bodyweight exercises.

Regardless of the exercise routine you choose to adhere to, there are two things you must remember.

- You need to incorporate weight training and cardiovascular exercise of any form. Examples: bodyweight exercises and swimming, weight training and running.

- Your routine must gradually intensify, so you are constantly pushing yourself harder to achieve results.

Diet: Eat Less, Eat Well

From caveman diets to cutting out carbs or going gluten free, it seems there’s always some fad diet that everyone is trying to push on you, claiming this is the only way you should be eating. While many of them are beneficial some extreme diets can be harmful to your health. Ideally, you should consult with a doctor or a nutritionist before you make any drastic changes. But it’s understandable if you feel that is too much to commit to. All you need to know about leading a healthy lifestyle and having a balanced diet is that you should eat smaller portions and eat better food.

Yes, better food is a subjective description and can mean anything from raw food diets to eating more protein. Don’t stress too much on the details, as long as you are eating a varied diet, without overeating any particular type of food, you’ll be fine. Also, don’t feel too bad if you have a moderate cheat day now and then, just enjoy your food.

Intermittent Fasting

Many people nowadays advocate fasting for 16 (or more) hours a day and eating whatever you want for the remaining 8 hours. Only do this after consulting a doctor, and know that it is not a magic weight loss pill. You still need to work out.

Hydration: Water Is The Elixir Of Life

Without water, life on Earth wouldn’t exist. We should know that, and we should know that our bodies need water to function properly. If you just drink more water, instead of any other type of beverage, you can hydrate your body much better. Hydration is especially important when you’re following an intense exercise routine. Oh, and skip the Gatorade.

Getting in shape doesn’t need to be so complicated. As long as you stick to an exercise routine, eat better, and hydrate your body - you’ll see results soon.

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