Weight loss articles are a dime a dozen. Information gets so mixed up that its hard to sift through what is true and what is not. Everybody has something to say about weight loss and how to go about it. That's all well and good but we get confused with all the data coming in. There are so many ways to lose weight but people continue to pile on the pounds. We get tired of trying everything and eventually abandon our dream of becoming fit. First, we have to make it as simple as possible. Let us get back to the basics of weight loss.

Eating the right foods at the right proportions at the right time will make you lose weight. Starving yourself to lose weight is never a good idea. Many people have the notion that when you go on a diet, you deprive yourself of food. That is so not true. When you go on a diet, you change the kind of foods you eat. If you used to eat a lot of simple, refined carbs like white bread, shift to whole grain cereals or whole wheat bread. These complex carbohydrates contain a lot of fiber that keeps you feeling full longer. If you used to skip breakfast and dive right into lunch, break the habit. Eating breakfast will prevent you from overeating later. Eat every 3 hours. This ensures an active metabolism. Stock up on veggies and fruits. Add a moderate amount of protein and a little fat to keep it balanced.

You have to move. Lounging all day will never get you the body you want. Get active and exercise. Walk, jog or play with the kids. You have to spend the calories that you consumed and the only way to lose it is to exercise. Taking up weight training will give an added advantage. You're going to build muscles that uses up calories. Weight loss happens when you spend more calories than you consume. If you want to lose 1 pound a week, you need a 3500 calorie deficit per week or 500 calories a day.

Be consistent. Make your diet and exercise plan a lifestyle. That means incorporating it into your daily life. Your fitness plan is not something you pull out every time you feel like it. That's why your commitment to your fitness plan is very important. For most people, it will take determination and discipline before you can make fitness a lifestyle. There are so many new fads that promise weight loss. Some may even have some truth in it. But without a sensible diet and exercise plan, you're not going to lose weight.

Bottomline is, no matter how many new weight loss plans you try, you will still go back to the basics of eating right and exercising. If you really want to lose weight, you might as well save yourself some effort and go right into the it - the right way.

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