It is a heartbreaking fact that men shed off body mass faster and more effortlessly than women. Various reasons can be attributed to this, but the main reason is that if a boy and a girl sit down on a bench for an hour, the boy will burn more fats than the girl. The bodies of men and women are different meaning they respond to certain things differently. By looking at weight loss man vs woman, you will understand why this happens.

The first thing to look into is metabolism, specifically, Resting Metabolic Rate. This is the amount of fats you burn when you are at rest for your bodily activities to go on well. The reason why men expend more fats than ladies when at rest is because men are bigger. The resting metabolic rate for a resting man is more than that of a resting woman of the same height and weight. The bigger your body is, the more the fats it burns.

The next important thing to consider is fat stores. Ladies carry more fat than men. The body of a woman is meant for pregnancy and breastfeeding. These two biological processes require body fat. If a man and a woman both lose one pound each, the lady will still leave more calories behind than the male of the same mass and height.

The bodies of men are made of more strong muscles than those of ladies meaning they have no place for fats. They are genetically made to have more muscles and less fat. This is what favors them in keeping fit and also allows them to take more fatty foods. However, women can also even this odd a bit. They can build more muscles through weight lifting. This will decrease their fat level.

The other thing that differentiates fat loss between men and women is activity level. Most of the time, men are more active than females. Studies show that men burn more calories within a day than ladies. Their bodies also respond quicker to physical exercises than in ladies.

The other difference is that men love meat while ladies love carbohydrates which add calories. Studies in the US show that ladies love sugary foods more than men. Men do not pay much attention to what they eat like ladies and as soon as they do, their results tend to be faster.

It does not matter whether you are a man or a woman. The important thing when you want to cut some pounds is to exercise. Go to a gym instructor for guidance on the best things to do and those you should avoid.

To learn more about weight loss man vs women, visit the internet for more details. There are various sites which talk about how to reduce the fat levels in your body. Some sites talk about drugs which kill body fat within days. Do not trust everything on the internet just do a research and find out the best method. You can also ask your friends who have cut some pound about what they did. However, the most important thing is to exercise on a regular and consistent basis. For More Information Please Go To: HTTP;// There you will Receive A Free Healthy Food List.

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