In America there is a belief that everything you attempt in life can have an instant result. It is simple to run through a drive-through and instantly have dinner ready for a family. With today's technology, you can look up any information you need with a few clicks of the mouse. Although having instant results can be a time saver, the mindset that you may have developed can hinder you in many ways. This change in your mindset has not prepared you for long term journeys such as weight loss.

Many of my articles talk about the dieting cycle. This cycle is where you try a diet and really hope for results. When this diet fails, you feel down on yourself. You may even go into a phase of overeating. When the results of overeating become too much to handle, you may feel the need to find another diet that will hopefully work this time.

By entering this dieting cycle, you are putting your emotions and your body on a roller coaster ride. You are filled with great hopes that you can lose weight quickly with the next diet that you attempt. This is where the instant mind set comes into place. You may feel that you are working hard at a diet and want to see results instantly. This is just not how an effective diet works.

Weight loss should not be considered an instant process. The results will begin to show once you begin to incorporate the techniques of your diet plan into your daily life. You may be thinking that you have done this. You say to yourself- I read all about the diet and followed it to the letter. This very well may be true. Allowing yourself to incorporate daily techniques into your life is different than following a meal plan or understanding a diet.

In order to incorporate techniques into your life, you have to ensure that they are in line with your body's natural needs. If your body needs protein in order to maintain healthy functions, then a diet based on eliminating meats will not work for your body. By listening to your body, you will begin to understand your body's specific needs.

It is wonderful that you want to understand how a diet works before you use it to try to lose weight. It is important to know what the diet will require of you. However, just reading about the diet is not going to inspire you to automatically start following it. Pick a few techniques and actively work on them each day. Once these becomes second nature, you can pick a few more techniques. Working on only a few changes at a time will help you to follow a healthy diet plan in a natural way. It is okay if you mess up every once in awhile. It happens to us all. What is important is getting right back to it. Soon it will just become second nature.

In this busy world, it is normal to want things to happen instantly. Just remember to take your time when making changes in your life. Begin the process knowing that you are creating a lifestyle change and not a quick fix. Enjoy your journey towards weight loss.

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The above article is based on the book, "Winning Overeating" by Ofira Shaul. Ofira is a Naturopathy doctor. This experiential, self-development leader has devoted her life to finding the best natural way to obtain permanent weight loss while improving the total quality of your life. Her all-natural program does not require you to use any pills, count calories, or starve yourself.

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