What does a weight loss program mean to you?

If you were to ask anyone on a weight loss program as to their objective, they would probably say they want to lose weight and look nice in their new downsized clothing. From nutrition point of view, for an obese person to lose weight is good however, your weight loss program should be much more than just losing weight – it should be about losing weight and gaining health via a healthy diet.

Essentials of a good weight loss program

A good weight loss program should change your outlook towards food, portion sizes and ultimately, your lifestyle. By the time you have achieved the objectives of your weight loss program, you should have a better understanding of how food reacts with your body, how it is metabolised and how it is used. A good weight loss program is not just about losing weight, it is about weight loss management and gaining an understanding of food and your body.

A good weight loss program not only ensures you lose weight, it also ensures your skin glows in new health, it ensures your energy levels are always high and that you feel well, happy and have a renewed purpose in life.

A good weight loss program should also prompt you to give up bad habits including:

• Smoking and tobacco
• Excessive alcohol consumption
• Give up recreational drugs
• Irregular eating habits
• Irregular sleep
• Lack of adequate rest
• Bad eating habits

Occasionally you might want to binge on pastries or some other favourite food such as French fries or pizzas or burgers. A good natural weight loss program does not prevent you from the occasional indulgence. Bear in mind that these indulgences should truly be occasional.
For the duration of the program, a good natural weight loss tips also ensures you have a slight deficit on the calorie intake. In other words, the amount of calories you consume should be slightly less (by 200 or so) than the amount of calories you utilise.

Distinguishing the good from the bad

Too often, we see people who claim to have achieved their weight loss target but when you look at them, they seem more like dried fish. There is no ‘glow’ on their skin – if anything, it looks dull and wrinkled clearly indicating severe vitamin deficiencies i.e. an unbalanced diet. Without doubt, these people had adopted the wrong sort of weight loss programs.

Essentials of Food

Food is not about eating – it is about replacing the energy utilised in such a manner that the body can ‘top up’ its energy reserves and have the ability to conduct repairs on this super complex machine. For this purpose, your weight loss program needs to ensure that the serving sizes of food you eat is well balanced, that it includes all food groups as well as all the trace elements.

Since food is about ‘topping up’ on energy, food should be consumed on a strict ‘need to’ basis i.e. not too less and not more than what you need. Initially you will need to use an online calorie calculator. Subsequently however, you will be able to gauge the calories in the food you are eating accurately.

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