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The often-asked question is, whether there is a weight loss program that enables us to eat our daily fill and still lose weight. The resounding answer to that question is yes! It is possible to devise a weight loss program to eat your fill and still lose weight provided your weight loss program requires you eat the right food in the right quantity.

Foods that can harm

Although we might pretend otherwise, most of us already know what bad food are; stuff like burgers, French fries, pizzas, pastries, ice creams, chocolates, fizzy drinks etc. Most nutritionists and most physicians will also add beef and pork to the list of bad foods. Dig a little more and they will add fats and refined carbohydrates to the list. Fats of course refer to animal fat and cooking oils – both are harmful if consumed in excess. Refined carbohydrates refer to white sugar, white rice, white flour etc. Therefore, any natural weight loss program that requires you to consume less of or eliminate the above is good for your health.

Although the above restriction might sound extreme, in reality it only eliminates the foods that humans have added to their diet post industrialization. Before humans became ‘modernised’ (through use of manufactured goods), we never consumed items like white rice, white sugar, white flour etc. These ‘white’ food items are products of the machine era because they can only be made using modern day machinery.

What does an ‘eat-and-lose-weight’ weight loss programs look like?

On the food side of the equation, this weight management program will require you to ensure each meal is made up of whole grains, half a plate of vegetables, a quarter plates full of fruit, some complex carbohydrates and less of proteins that preferably comes from lot fat sources such as chicken, mutton, turkey and fish.

Here is a short list of food sources for proteins and carbohydrates that could be included in your weight management tips:

Excellent sources of Protein:

• Beans
• Split peas
• Lentils
• Low fat yogurt
• Cheese
• Low fat milk
• Egg whites
• Tofu

Excellent sources of Carbohydrates are:

• Brown rice
• Whole wheat pasta
• Oats
• Barley
• Buckwheat
• Millet
• Whole grain breads
• Zero fat, zero sugar Cereals

The right quantity

At the onset of this article, we mentioned that it is possible to lose weight provided your natural weight loss plans requires you eat the right food in the right quantity. To figure out the right quantity of food you should first consult your nutritionist. Your nutritionist will work out the amount of calories you require based on your age, your gender and activity level.

If the calories required are (say) 2,500 per day, then the right quantity of food will be that much that can provide you approximately 2,300 calories per day. For a weight loss, there always needs to be a slight deficit between the amounts of calories utilized verses the amounts of calories replenished. The slight deficit will induce the body utilise the fat resources and thereby cause a weight loss. Remember however, that the deficit should never be more than 200 calories otherwise, you feel weak and lacking in energy to complete your daily activity.

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