Time and time again, when helping people with weight loss emotional blocks, this one comes up. As a matter of fact, it is a big block in the way of releasing any habit that does not serve us. And eating more than we should for our optimal health and happiness is the main habit involved in gaining or keeping unwanted weight.

And this big block is the emotion of deprivation. Deprivation is a big one. Most people do not realize this until they tap for it, and suddenly, many deprivation issues come to the fore for healing.

And in case you are not a tapper already, tapping is a popular term for EFT, short for Emotional Freedom Techniques. It is a method that combines releasing wording with special self-acupressure to release emotional blocks to our goals, hence the name. To learn the EFT basics so you can follow this article, just download a free guide from one of many EFT sites. otherwise, if you already EFT, read on...

First of all, let us get a bit more specific with the feeling of deprivation. Ask yourself what you are deprived of. It may be love, it may be satisfaction, attention, at some time or other in your life money, luxuries, sweets, or on a previous (or current) diet, food.

Next, write down all answers that come to you. do not dwell on them, just quickly and briefly jot them down.

Then pick one of those answers. Let us say it was deprivation of food whilst on a previous diet. Ask yourself, if 10 is the most deprived you feel as you think of that, and zero is calm, where would you be tight now?

Tap on all the points the Reminder of "This deprived feeling", after starting with a Setup at the Karate Chop with "This deprived feeling, I love myself and want to feel better".

Keep tapping the above Setup and Reminder till zero. If you do Energy EFT, measure with the SUE Scale, where -10 is the most deprived and +10 is feeling satisfied. If you do another form of EFT, such as FasterEFT, you can just tap accordingly for "deprivation".

Next time, move onto the next item on your list and tap in the same manner.

Go through the whole list, one item at a time in this way till the feeling of deprivation is gone.

Then tap once a day on all the points for 21 days "I have plenty, and that's OK"

Happy Tapping!

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