Do you know what the most important factor is concerning weight loss? Some would say less or no food. Others would say exercise. Both are partially right. Scientifically however the most important factor in weight loss is Insulin balance.

Insulin is a very important and potent hormone in the body. How we regulate it determines our health. Ignoring it causes health crisis like high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes and ultimately obesity.

It would seem that if you can balance your insulin the other issues would take care of themselves. You are exactly right. We have gotten it wrong when it comes dieting. Statistically only 2% of dieters ever succeed. Furthermore when dieters come off a diet they usually revert back to their old habits and gain even more weight.

There two factors that control Insulin

1. The types of food you eat.
2. Portion control

We need behavioral changes when it comes to our eating. The problems that we Americans face is we eat the wrong foods in big portions. Eating right is a process. But I promise you if you begin today your tomorrows will be filled with energy and vitality.

Scientific studies show that best combination of foods to eat are Complex carbohydrates ( fruit, steamed veggies, salad, beans, brown rice, raw nuts etc) along with Lean Proteins (fish, lean red meats, dairy, eggs, poultry etc.) in combination. All your chosen foods should be 60 or less on the glycemic index. Meals should always consist of the two in combination for optimum results and here are the reasons why.

Proteins stimulate the release of glucagon which activates the metabolism. Glucagon also controls the release of insulin.

Complex carbs on the other hand digest slower allowing a slow release of glucose or sugar into the blood stream thereby releasing the need for insulin. Doing it this way keeps your metabolism active even while you sleep.


Small meals throughout the day are the key here. You should be eating every two or three hours. Five to Six meals daily is ideal. Small meals release a smaller balanced amount of glucose into the bloodstream requiring less insulin. I think it is important to note that you can have large portions of good food and still have your insulin spike out of control. So the key here is GOOD FOODS IN SMALL PORTIONS.

So, how much is small? Hold your hand in front of you with your fingers and thumb together. Fold your fingers at the first joint above your knuckles. That is your portion size for your plate for every meal.

Some added benefits are: your stomach size will reduce due to smaller portions and you wont be hungry because you are eating all the time.

Here are some food combinations I use all the time:

• Eggs (poached, omelet, your choice) + 2 Gluten free toast
• Yougurt + Raw Nuts
• Yogurt+ Fruit
• Ceaser salad + Chicken strips.
• Fish + Steamed brown rice
• Chicken (not fried) + Steamed broccoli and Carrots
• Lean red beef + pinto bean soup
• Cheese + fruit

The list is endless here. I think you get it. Choose your food that you prefer in the correct combinations to optimize your plan. Also use spices and a bit of dressing to make things taste good. If I could emphasize one thing here. Plan your meals daily so you don’t revert back to your old habits. Learn more below.

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My name is Larry Salazar. I own My goal is to help the 40+ crowd gain and maintain their health. You can have vitality, look good, and feel strong at any age.