What’s the best way to start a weight training programme? The best answer is: gently.

The fact is, most men and women who begin weight-training programmes are in a hurry. They’ve seen pictures of their idols flaunting a six pack in a photoshoot or on TV and are hungry (pardon the pun), to get one for themselves.

Because most people equate big weights with a muscular physique, they start lifting big. Too big. And they reach breaking point all too soon. And that’s when it’s easy to give up on your goal.

The key to success with weight-training is to start small and build up your routine gradually. Ideally, three sessions a week in the gym is a great way to begin. Lifting a small amount of weights and gradually building up week on week, you will achieve quicker progress than you ever thought possible. It will also help you avoid stress and muscle injuries that could turn into something more serious later on.

Each of your three weekly sessions should include five or six exercises completed in three sets each. There are many great sites on line which provide examples of weight-training programmes you can follow.

Also it’s important to vary the intensity of each session. For example, have one session where the emphasis is on using the lightest of the weights with more repetitions (it’s usually best to have this as your first of your weekly sessions). The next time you can try a ‘medium set’ and with the third session of the week you can focus on slightly heavier weights. But as always, the aim must be to build up resistance gradually.

For the newbie to weights, this approach works really well. The same for the weights expert who is returning to weights after an injury. This is one particular time when you really need to be aware of what your body is telling you.
One addition to your diet which could really benefit you as you get into your weight-training regime, is muscle building protein supplements. You can buy them in powder form or as protein bars and they are proven to help your body and muscles recover after a workout.

If you’re thinking to yourself, aren’t these supplements the sort of thing pro bodybuilders would use – well, yes – they do. But they’re not only for bodybuilders – they are perfect for anyone who could benefit from extra protein.
So it’s worth considering making muscle building protein supplements a staple ingredient of your weight-training programme and please remember – to reach your goal – start off slow.

Author's Bio: 

Chris Jenkinson is a UK based marketing consultant working and writing for ASN Protein Ltd a manufacturer and retailer of whey protein supplements.