I've noticed numerous individuals asking this question, "Are exercises involving weights or non-weighing exercises better for your abs?" So, I decided to write a brief article explaining the benefits of both and my standpoint on this topic. In my honest opinion, I think weighted exercises are much better for your abs.

Now this isn't just my opinion, this is based off research and personal experience. I perform weighted and non-weighing exercises, but weighted exercises tone and strengthen my abs faster and more permanently. Before you take my word for it, let's consider the benefits of each, and then compare them to see which type of exercise truly is better for your abs.


Main Benefit of Exercises Weighted Exercises

Weighted Exercises are definitely better for your abs, and any muscle in general. There are a number of reasons, but the bottom line is that they develop muscle faster than normal non-weighing exercises.


How They Develop Muscle Faster

The more weight added onto an exercise, the harder your muscle need to work. When your muscles work harder, they build and expand faster to develop bigger muscle. This is especially important for your abs because abdominal fat is huge for many folks, and the main way to be free of abdominal fat is to build the muscle in your abdominals.

Muscle development is the fastest way to destroy body fat because muscle naturally overruns fat. Body fat's worst enemy is muscle. When you develop bigger muscle, it replaces the fat that once used to be there because it expands and overruns that extra fat. This is why weighted exercises are huge for developing six pack abs fast and permanently.

When your abdominals work harder with heavier weights you develop more muscle, and when you develop more muscle you naturally destroy large amounts of fat while exposing your abs. Every abdominal exercise has a weighted variation, you just need to research exactly how to add weights to that exercise. T

he best aspect regarding exercises involving weights is that you don't need to perform them as much. The reason for this is that you work your muscles much harder than non-weighing exercises, so your muscles get tired faster and don't need much more of a workout after you perform exercises involving weights.


Main Benefits Of Exercises Involving Weights

- Your muscles work harder through the addition of extra weight

- You develop more muscle because your muscle work harder

- You destroy body fat faster by building more solid muscle

- You reach new limits by increasing the weight consistently

- You don't ought to perform them as much because they work so powerfully

-Your workouts can also be shorter because you get insane results very fast

-Main Benefit Of Non-Weighing Exercises


Though exercises involving weights are definitely more powerful, in my opinion, non-weighing exercises also have their benefits. Non-Weighing exercises mainly allow you to perform more reps and don't exhaust you as quickly as exercises involving weights do.

This means you can perform more reps and work your abs longer, but you aren't getting as fast results as you do with exercises involving weights.


You Still Need To Perform Non-Weighing Exercises

Even though non-weighing exercises aren't as powerful as exercises involving weights, you still need to perform them along with whatever Fitness Plan you have. Your main source of muscle building and fat loss should be through exercises involving weights, but non-weighing exercises are still an asset to any program.

I recommend you do more exercises involving weights than you do non-weighing because you'll see better results that way, and you won't overdo it.

The reason we don't perform only exercises involving weights, is because your abdominals need to be taken care of properly and if you only performed exercises involving weights, your abs wouldn't be able to take so much beating.

This is why we perform some non-weighing exercises. It gives our abs a break and still works them in a way that won't push them too hard, as if you only relied on exercises involving weights.


Main Benefits Of Non-Weighing Exercises

-You can perform more of them without overworking your abs

-Your abs can take more, therefore you can have longer workouts

-These exercises are perfect for beginners that are trying to work their way up


Exercises Involving Weights Are Better If You Want Great Results

The main point is that exercises involving weights work your abs harder, tone them faster, and allow you to have shorter workouts because they feel sore halfway through the workout. This will give you faster, more permanent results and allow you to spend less time in the gym and more time doing fun things you like.

Now don't get me wrong, you do need non-weighing exercises somewhere in your program, but your main focus should be on exercises involving weights if you want to get toned, six pack abdominals faster. Trust me, I've incorporated exercises involving weights and the results are unbelievable.

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