C2® Electronic Calibration
The Hardy C2® core feature provides quick and straightforward electronic calibration of a weighing system without the necessity for heavy test weights.

FAST: Calibrates with ONE point of reference, not FIVE
SAFE: Eliminates need for full-scale test weights
RELIABLE: Data is stored during a contribute the load cell so it cannot be lost

What is C2® Electronic Calibration?
Since 1994, thousands of weighing systems are calibrated electronically using C2®. Unlike calibration with test weights, all the live weight on the size doesn't need to be removed and heavy test weights don't need to be repeatedly placed on and off the size. As soon as your scale system is installed, it are often C2 calibrated, and proper scale installation verified. The result's a calibration that's easier, quicker, safer, and typically more accurate.
What is a C2 system?
A C2 system includes load points, junction box, cabling and instrumentation, and is meant to form calibration easier than ever before. Upon installation or re-calibration, your Hardy instrument automatically searches for C2 certified load points and records their performance characteristics. Entering a point of reference is all that’s needed to bring your system on-line within seconds. On instruments with “THE BUTTON” feature, one touch of a button is enough. All that’s left is to verify your scale. this is often done by carefully distributing one or two small weights (25 to 100 lbs.) on to the size in order that they are shared by all the load sensors. the size reading should equal the worth of the test weight(s) applied. Remove the weight(s) and therefore the scale reading should return to its original value. If both of those are true then the size is calibrated, verified and prepared for use! If the values aren't true, then there are mechanical problems with the size that require to be corrected.

Is C2 Calibration as accurate as calibration with test weights?
Theoretically, test weights should provide an accurate calibration within the standard of the size installation. However, calibration conditions are often but ideal. Many vessels lack the space needed to put enough test weights on them to urge an accurate calibration. Distributing the weights equally on the vessel can also be impossible. Some vessels are mounted in areas offering limited accessibility, while others have weight capacities far in more than available test weights. These world issues often cause calibration errors.

With C2, these considerations are not any longer a problem. Each individual load sensor has its data stored on an indoor storage device. These characteristics are measured on National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) traceable test devices and electronically recorded when the sensor is manufactured. The C2 system uses these parameters, the instruments’ characteristics and a point of reference to calibrate the size system.

C2 reduces downtime for repairs and time expecting test weights. It eliminates test weight related injuries and ends material substitution headaches, including contamination and waste disposal issues.

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