The world of fashion us so unstable and changeable. It is impossible to predict what will be in trend in a few years, so everything what is left for us is to discuss already known trends, that made everybody say WOW this year. Some of them look funny, other strange or even shocking, but non of these will leave you indifferent.
It happens that some turns of fashion become classic and live for decades, other – sink into oblivion. Some people try to keep up with every trend, other just the opposite – absolutely ignore them, guided only by their own taste. The Golden middle would be to add a couple of things to your wardrobe every month or two. Everybody needs updates, and we are talking about something bigger than getting a new, modern haircut in NY, so don’t even try to resist this fact.
Nevertheless, let’s be honest, from time to time, famous designers create too extraordinary things, trying to deliver their message to an auditory. About the half of all fashion trends look awesome on runaway, but appear to be absolutely inappropriate for everyday wearing. There is a very thin verge between staying on trend and keeping your own style. In order not to be one more fashion victim, don’t follow it blindly and check out our blog. Here you will find those of them, that are not worth copying out in a real life.
# 1 Detachable Jeans
The idea of creating detachable jeans is quite interesting. It is like now you want to wear pants, and in five minutes – shorts. Unfortunately, in real life it looks miserable. Historically proven that fact that it is very difficult to create qualitative multiple cloths, so such jeans are so no no. It would be better to buy jeans, shorts and anything you want separately, than go for such fashion experiments. Muddy jeans and jeans with clear knees fall inside the same category.
# 2 Crocs
Only God knows why this thing became so popular this year! When crocs appeared on the market for the first time, people divided into two categories. First one said that crocs are cool and comfortable, other – that it is absolutely awful. It looks like the only people who are glad to wear crocs are runway models, anyway it is much better that trying not to broke their legs on incredibly high heels. Nevertheless, 99% of all fashion trends are more about beauty, then about comfort, so crocs are a little bit revolutionary footwear.
# 3 Romp – hims
It is impossible to leave this fashion trend aside. Guys, what do you think about romp – hims? The majority of women adore it, they have a bit of a youthful quality to them, but what about men? There are a lot of clothing options on the market that are unisex, but the romp-him craze is another issue. The situation just the same like with crocs: one can love romp – hims on men, other – no, but nobody`s left indifferent.
Follow our tips, thing what you are putting on every single day and look cool!

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