Sports bring people from across the world together. Hours and hours are spent perfecting the intricacies of these sports, to make sure they’re just the right amount of fun and competition. People in different regions have different kinds of sports liking which says a lot about their culture. Here is a list of weird sports that are played with zest and enthusiasm across the world.

Weird sports around the World
Ostrich racing
Originated in Africa, ostrich racing has become quite popular, making its way to the United States. Ostriches can reach a marvellous speed of almost 70 km per hour, and this makes it exciting for the onlooker!
Ostrich racingOstrich racing

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Toe wrestling, Among the Weird Sports around the world
Have you heard of thumb wrestling? Well, it’s that, except some people don’t like thumbs!

Underwater hockey
It is as it sounds. It is hockey played underwater with paddles to hit a puck into the opponent’s goal. While it is difficult to play it, it is even more difficult to watch it live!
Underwater hockey

Chess boxing
Someone out there got tired of categorizing brain and brawn separately, and just meshed it together for chess boxing! The participants have to be skilled at chess as well as boxing. There are alternate rounds of the two; let your brain rest while your body beats it out, and let your body breathe while your brain exercises its craftiest moves.
Chess boxing

This is the act of getting into large, transparent balls and racing down hills, through waters, or other obstacles.

Shovel racing, Among the Weird Sports around the world
Making its way to the first Winter X-games in 1997, this sport involves sitting on a shovel and racing down an icy hill.
Shovel racing

Originating in Germany, sport-hocking is flipping, spinning, and even sliding a brightly coloured plastic bar stool. The oddest thing about this sport, if the previously mentioned information wasn’t enough, is that at the end of each trick or combo, the hocker gains respect by sitting back down on the stool like nothing happened, even if he hurt himself, and the pain is unbearable!

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Wife carrying, Among the Weird Sports in the world
This list just gets weirder! This sport has its roots in Finland. Men are supposed to carry their wives through obstacle courses in the shortest time. The prize? The wife’s weight in beer. What else!

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